Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nana's Here! Nana's Here!!!

We took Will and Nathan with us to pick up my mom, Nana, from the airport. Here's how it went...

Up the stairs

Check out the surroundings

Get in a little trouble

Go a little crazy

Read a bit of paper

Steal the camera from mom and take some pictures

Here she comes!

Kisses! Kisses! and more Kisses!

Make some conversation

Down the escalator
(so much fun in itself that we did it twice!)

Pick up her suitcase

Play with her suitcase

Check out the conveyor

Push some buttons

Play with the carts

And after all that excitement we went out to eat and headed home! So glad to have my mom here with us!

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My name is Dianna said...

we go to the airport here in Augusta for a family date. hey it's free and the kids love watching the planes land. glad you get some mama time! maybe you and your hubby can sneak off for a date:)...

Lulu said...

Woohoo! Nanas rock! Have tons of fun while she's with you, and let her spoil you a little too!

Anonymous said...

Nana Nana Banana! Is what My daughter Calls her Nana.
Then she pretends to be a banana, and My daugter is a Whoo Whoo (Monkey)
and the chase ensues "Eat the Nana Banana!"
"OH NOOOES! " says Nana!

Becky, I pray you have a wonderful time with Your Mom too.
Fid a nice Local Tea Room
Wear big Hats,
and have a fabulous time Sweety Darlings!

Love in Christ
Mother Love

Just another crazy family said...

How fun! My girls call my mom "Nana" too.