Friday, February 22, 2008

Simple and Slow Fridays: Secret Places Challenge

This week's review of Mitten Strings for God is entitled Secret Places.

I had secret places as a child... did you? When I think back to these places that were mine there is a wonderful feeling that runs through me. I can't explain it. To remember that it was my place, my rules, my decisions, my secret... what special memories these places hold for me.

... these secret spaces were the real domains of childhood... (p 58)

Such is the province of childhood - questions that float in the air, unburdened by answers; hidden places that are beyond the realm and ken and comprehension of adults. Every child needs such a place, a place that invokes the processes of the imagination and the possibility of transformation. A place that is at once a haven from the adult world and a source of mystery and wonder, a place that a child can discover and shape and lay claim to, simply by virtue of his or her own quiet presence there, and deep observation. ( p 62)

Children need their privacy just as we adults do.
In the secret places of childhood, the soul drinks
deeply, is refreshed, and flourishes. ( p63)

To me, this is a fun challenge. Those secret places hold many dear memories for me and I want to make note of my children's as well!


[Thanks to Barbara and Notbefore7's suggestion (see comments), I'm switching this up a bit to give you some time to think about the challenge and then post. Duh! :) ]

This week's post challenge:

Post about your secret places or your children's secret places; if possible snap a quick picture for remembrance sake. Mention Simple and Slow Fridays with a link back and include your permalink on Mr. Linky NEXT FRIDAY.

Future challenges (like this one) will continue to be suggested each Friday but, I'll do a separate post on my thoughts from the previous challenge and include Mr. Linky for yours. Make better or worse sense? :) Basically, you'll post on last week's challenge in one post AND then pick up the next week's challenge in another on the same day. I had tried to do them both in the same post when I started this, but it just got confusing...

Now we'll have a whole week to think about our Simple and Slow posts. Let me know what questions you have; I hope this works better! If it doesn't I'll change it again... :) I'm still new to this Mr. Linky and challenges thing... bear with me, please. :)

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Barbara said...

Ok, I have a question for you Becky! I would love to participate in "Simple and Slow Fridays" (today I finally can, been trying to for a couple of weeks now) and would like to post on Fridays. Should I write about the challenge you gave us the week before, or take the challenge you posted that day, which means I sometimes wouldn't have time to do and really think about what you wrote.
I am just trying to decide and thought I would ask you what your thoughts were.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Would you believe I was having the same dilemma myself? Well, maybe a little different, but in the beginning I would start my post with talking about the previous week and then conclude with the current week's challenge. Somehow I always confused myself... :P

Anyway, to your question... I know this doesn't help, but do it either way. I've had people link back to earlier ones and occasionally have people link up on exactly Friday. As long as you use your permalink to the corresponding subject, we'll be able to find you! :)

I understand what you mean about wanting to take a few days to think about the challenge before you post and if you can only post on Fridays, then I think doing the week prior would be easier for you.

I hope this is a helpful answer; if not, let me know and I'll try again. :)

I have a question for you... Is there a way I can see your blog to read your posts when you do them? When I click on your name, I don't see a blog. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

Barbara said...

Thank you so much for your fast answer!
I am going to try to do it like you said, I will write a post today (e.g. 2-22), with the challenge from last week (e.g. 2-15) and link it back to your last weeks post (e.g. 2-15). Hopefully some people will come across your last weeks post.
Unfortunately I don't know what is happening and why you can't access my site. I will give you my URL again, you will probably have to type it in! Sorry! It's

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Becky...what a great challenge. Not going to happen this week in our house, unless they want to hide out in the POD :)

Barbara brings up a good point about the Mr. a Mr. Linky hostess as well, I have learned that people aren't going to go back to last weeks to see the links if people link late.

You might want to determine if you can come up with a plan so people can post AND link on Friday. it will work a lot better that way.

Maybe you could post the challenges on Monday - that would be the day to write the post like this. THEN on Friday you could maybe just retype the book quotes and have the Mr. Linky and link back to your Monday challenge? Maybe that is too much?

Just throwing out some ideas...