Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hamburger Comes from Pigs

Will, age 5, was having a conversation with his grandmother about planting a garden:

She jokingly said: Oh, yes, we can plant some hamburger in our garden.

Will: No, Grandmother, hamburger is meat; you have to get it from pigs.

Grandmother: Well, then what would you plant?

Will names a few fruits and vegetables.

Grandmother: How about some black eyed peas? Those are your favorite...

Will: No, Grandmother! Black eyed peas come from a can!

(I think we need to do a little work on where things originate - LOL!)


Nathan, age 2, a few more new words:

"Hice" - ice
"ick" - drink
"et" - wet
"code" - cold
"hus" - house
"st" - cast
"ee" - Will - I don't know why... maybe "he?"

Click here for my astonishment from his speech evaluation.


Witt, 10 months, babbles "mama", "dada", and I swear he's saying "car" whenever he's playing with something that has wheels. I'm not making this up! It's so strange...

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

"come from a can..." HAHAHAHA!

I love that picture! Kids need freedom to raid a cabinet. good for you mommy!

Holly said...

Well, that's where my daughter thinks green beans come from I'm sure!

Cute post.

Risa said...

Cute pictures! Cute boys! :)

Nathan looks so tall sitting there - he almost looks like he's closer to 3 or 4!

Sarah said...

Hi! Just passing through...I think I found you through the gaspards. Love the title of your blog, I feel the same way! 3 boys too! Crazy fun :)