Monday, March 3, 2008


We've been absent from the Unplugged Projects for a few weeks and I really wanted to get back into them. This week was perfect and lots of fun! The challenge was: Music. At first I was saving things to make maracas and tambourines and drums, but then a much simpler idea came to me. Can you guess what it was?

I gathered different shapes and sizes of glasses and Will helped fill them up.

We lined the glasses up in front of the boys and gave them each a spoon. At first, I had to help guide Nathan to be gentle while striking the glass.

He got the hang of it and had a great time! (I should have washed his face before taking pictures... oh, well... the tacos were good.)

Will did a great job, too! The boys really had fun with this project and this is an easy one to repeat and clean up after... we'll be doing this one again!

We ended up with only one casualty - a broken glass from Nathan's line. The boys also thought it was fun to drink the water from the spoon. They'd dip the spoon into the water and slurp it up! :) We'll just pretend they were tuning the glasses!

Here's a video of their music:


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Piseco said...

What a fun activity! It's perfect because it's easy to set up over and over... I'll have to try this one with my kids. Thanks for sharing!

reprehriestless warillever said...

That is such a great idea!

I am just afraid that my 5yo might be a little too enthusiastic and break a few glasses....

h said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! What cute boys you have (its nice to see other blogs with 3 kids similar in age to my 3).

Mom Unplugged said...

Musical glasses! I haven't thought about those since I was a kid. What a totally fabulous idea! We'll have to try that too. I especially like how they "tuned" their glasses.

I am so glad that you are back with us this week. I hope your Mom's visit went well!

Tamara said...

Great idea! We pulled out our glasses this afternoon and gave it a try. My 2-year old was sleeping, probably fortunate, but my 5-year old loved it! We enjoyed singing and playing all his favorites.

Heather said...

So much fun. great project.

Michie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice post. This looks like fun! I'll have to try it out with my daughter - if I can find any cups that aren't plastic with Ariel on them. LOL

Just another crazy family said...

How fun! You're a brave woman. I have a feeling we would have shattered glass due to my youngest child's "bull in a china shop" mentality.