Saturday, March 15, 2008

Speech Evaluation Part II

Part I Here

Well, the Early Intervention group called two days ago to let me know that Nathan DOES qualify for help because of delayed speech! I was so surprised! However, I guess when you play the rule of averages and take into account my ANSWERS to their questions and not just Nathan's evaluation, he probably just skimmed the line into the qualifying zone.

Someone will be calling to set up the first appointment. I don't know how long we'll need the help as he is really starting to spit out words. He gets lots of praise and smiles so he thinks it's great to repeat a word when we request, "Say" We can't understand him sometimes, but he is at least trying. Maybe the therapy will help him with his enunciation?

I'm happy with the progress he's made so far. It's been so sweet to hear his little voice! I'm sure it will be all too soon when we'll be wondering, "Why on earth did we want him to start talking? He won't close his mouth!" LOL!! :)


Part III here

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orryally said...

Very cute! Wow, what a surprise about qualifying for speech therapy. If you can get some help, take it right? He's a cutie.

Lulu said...

I know it's a surprise, but it sounds like a pleasant one. Even a few weeks that give you some tools in your belt to help him along would be great. Kiss him once for me!

nottryingforaboy said...

Welcome to the speech therapy world! I'm sure if he's progressing as quickly as you say, he'll flourish with it.

My kids love their therapy. TheOldest started at 17 months and is now almost 5 and still likes going. TheMiddleChild used to cry when we dropped her sister off so she's happy she's going now too.

mom24 said...

Awesome! It's so great to be able to do something that will bring progress. I mean, it's not just the parents that get frustrated - our boys do too. He sounds EXACTLY like my 28 month old! Same signs too. Mine won't say the wsords when we ask though - we just catch him saying a few things. So now I have a little more hope that we might get services too?
God provides!