Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Planting

While my mom was here, we decided to do some spring planting since my flower gardens in the back needed some major help! Last summer the garden was only "tended to" by two little boys and two big dogs while I cared for a newborn. Poor plants... no water... no love... only lots of picking. I don't know that a lily bud ever got to bloom thanks to Nathan! :) Maybe this year will be better. The boys at least enjoyed to the planting party!

I gave Will some carrot seeds to plant. He's really excited to see if they grow and continues to check on them daily. He worked hard on them:

And then he took a break with his very own bottle of Our rule in the house is that you only get to drink the only if you're outside working and hot and sweaty! :) He deserved it!

Nathan "planted" some marigolds and snapdragons, I believe. They are getting PLENTY of water... I don't need to worry about lack of water for them!

And of course, he took a break with his very own bottle of, too!

And another break in the wagon while mommy planted her bulbs and plants.

Hopefully I'll have some really pretty and colorful pictures to show off this spring... if those DARN SQUIRRELS don't eat all my bulbs first! Anybody know how to get rid of squirrels? Those dogs aren't doin' their job! :)

Happy Spring!

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The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

We did the same thing this past weekend. So much fun! Another great thing about living in the South - spring's already here, actually summer is already here where I live (83 degrees yesterday).

Super B's Mom said...

Awww..the boys look so cute playing in the dirt! You know those are some of the best memories to make.

I gotta ask - why the no gatorade rule? Just curious :)

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

No gaterade rule: It's another story in itself, but since you asked :)

My brother lived with us for a few months during the summer a couple of years ago and would drink us out of house and home with the gaterade. So that summer I made the rule that the only time he could have gaterade is when he was outside working/hot/sweaty. It just kind of stuck, I guess. Plus, it's not really a great drink for the kids with all the extra salt... so we leave it more as a "treat" for working hard. ;)