Monday, April 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - April 21

This week dh is working 16 hour days and then switching to nights for three nights. What a crazy week. I'm tailoring this week's suppers to the kids - these are their favorites. All links are to my dairy free recipes.

Sheppard's Pie
Black Eyed Peas
Green Beans
"Chicken on a Bone" - Will's favorite (fried chicken legs)
I'm cheating on this one and buying frozen, already fried legs. I don't fry.
Mashed Potatoes
Corn on the cob
Spaghetti w/meat sauce
yellow squash (for me, they won't eat it)
garlic bread
Polish Kielbasa and/or hot dogs
Steamed Broccoli
Long grain rice
Turkey Sausage
(unfortunately, no scrambled eggs... Witt's allergic)
Meatballs or meatball sandwiches
oven baked french fries
steamed broccoli
Sweet Potatoes
Black Eyed Peas
Green onions (Jeff's likes to eat them as a side)
Corn on the cob
crescent rolls

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Jamie Kaufmann said...

i don't like to fry either. miles did outgrow egg and i don't take it for granted anytime that he gets to eat scrambled eggs. :) i hope witt gets to do the same someday. miles outgrew at age 2 so it may be soon for you too!