Monday, April 21, 2008

Mommy, I'm Bored!

This week is National Turn Your TV Off Week so we're participating in Unplug Your Kids' blog challenge of turning off the tv! We're also participating in this week's unplugged project, Scissors!

We created our own "Mommy, I'm Bored" Box from her suggestions. Can you tell that we heart Mom Unplugged's ideas!??! :)

First, I printed out a piece of paper for both Will and Nathan that read, "Mommy, I'm Bored!!" They cut out the words so that we could glue them to our bored box.

Will asked if they could do some painting, so I let each boy paint a box. We started out with 6 colors: red, yellow, blue, white, green, and purple. This is what they created:

Nathan's Box

Will's Box
(It looks a lot like his Valentine's Box!)

I printed out 63 different activities on a piece of paper - some are fun; some are not so fun. Now, I know you are going to want to know what activities I came up with, so here's the list:

go fish
read books alone
read books together
play music
make music
bake cookies
bake cupcakes
pick up toys
write letter to Nana
obstacle course
scavenger hunt
letter to friends
letter to teacher
what do the clouds look like?
take pictures
make video
sometimes it looks like…
Pick new books
chalk drawing
go outside: bring back 5 brown things
go outside: bring back 3 yellow things
make smoothie
Hide N Seek
In this room: what starts with T?
In this room: what starts with N?
build castle with leggos
fort under table
paint with water book
play stop/go
paper airplanes
tea party
Toddler Book
learn Spanish
finger paint
bubble bath
play doctor
play dentist
sand castle
I Spy
water flowers
hokie pokie
sort socks
fold laundry
Unplugged Project
tell story

I cut a door in the box with some scissors and then Will and I cut the activities into single slips and dropped them in the box:

When it came time to glue the words "Mommy, I'm Bored" onto the box, they were no where to be found... maybe I'll add that to the box: "Find the lost!" (Surely we've got a lot of lost things around here!)

We did a trial run and I let each boy pick out a slip of paper. Will is really excited about this box! He is so excited that after our bedtime prayer he said, "Momma, I gotta tell you something. I think I'm going to be bored tomorrow." :) What a cutie!

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4funboys said...

great ideas...

Super B's Mom said...


I love your creativity.
You rock, Mom. :)

Mom Unplugged said...

Oh I am so glad that your boys are excited about this and had fun making their boxes. Great ideas in there by the way! Good luck with the Turnoff Week. I hope the box helps get you through with ease!

Julie said...

Good execution to a great idea. ;)

Michie said...

I love the "I'm going to be bored tomorrow" comment. Too cute!

Christin said...

That is soooo cool!! I need to do that idea tomorrow! :) Thank you for sharing it! I hear that SO often around here! "Mommy, I'm Bored!"
I can't wait til our new curriculum arrives - kiddos will be far from bored! It's packed with fun things to learn! Thank you again for sharing and participating! :)

Kate in NJ said...

Very cute! My rule is just like My Mom's.."don't tell me you are bored, I'll give you something to do"
lol..her fave was "clean the toilet".

Chrissy said...

I think the "I'm Bored" box is such a great idea. I love your list of activities, especially "tell a story." Something so simple, yet with so much potential for fun! Thanks for sharing!

KIM said...

Super!! Love the outside of the box!

Foxy5 said...

I love that idea! I think we'll have to work on this tomorrow.

Deneal said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us over at Laugh, Learn, Love. I have an "Activity Jar" which essentially serves the same purpose as your I'm Bored Boxes. I loved looking at your list and getting some new project and activity ideas. Thanks!

Peterson Party said...

What a great idea! I am going to "borrow" some of these ideas to do with my daughter! Thank you!