Thursday, May 8, 2008


It's never good when you hear "Uh-Oh" - especially when it is accompanied by an opened, half-emptied jar of white paint. Nathan did this to me yesterday while I was on the phone. Luckily it was washable paint (why buy any other?) and it was spilled on indoor/outdoor carpet that covers stains fairly well.

HOWEVER, when you hear this "Uh-Oh," it's just sweet:


Witt will be 1 year old on May 17th. Although he is a fantastic "mimicker" (mama, dada, tickle, and others) and a good "nodder" of yes and no (almost appropriately!), "Uh-Oh" was his first word used in good context. Yesterday morning while in his high chair, he dropped his cup and said, "Uh-Oh". He's been saying it every chance he gets now!

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Lindsay said...

Oh, I just love it when babies go from babbling nonsense to actually understanding what is coming out of their mouth. It's a whole new fascinating ballgame then. You never know what's coming next!

Elaine A. said...

Wow! Our babies are only 2 days apart! Mine will be one on the 15th but his party is on the 17th!

Mine is only talking "nonesense" right now except for the words Momma and Dada.

4funboys said...

how sweet

Colarusso Family said...

Hi! This is my first time visiting your blog! Very cute! I love the Uh Oh! I found you thru Nan's blog. I also have three boys! ages 5,4,22 mo. Will be visiting you again! My blog is:
hope to see you!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

So cute! D began with uh-oh and we loved it. I love hearing it in the monitor while he plays in his sweet.

Your little guy is growing up for sure!

Gaile said...

Hello Becky,
Just had to write in. Your son and I share the same birthday on the 17th of May. Although I am 29 yrs older than he is. My name is Gaile Uka and I am writing you from Nigeria in Africa. Luv to your sons and your husband.

Super B's Mom said...

Awwwwwwww. I LOVE IT!!!!

That's the most precious Uh-Oh I've ever heard! :)

ET said...

That 'uh-oh' is so very sweet! Though I can imagine that the paint 'uh-oh' was not quite as adorable...