Monday, June 23, 2008

We're Baa-aaack!

What a wonderfully relaxing get-a-way! Much needed, too!

However, in my last post showing the cabin where we were headed, I didn't give you the whole story because I didn't have it. There were a few little "surprises" waiting for us...

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the stench of spoiled towels. Towels that were allowed to dry in the washing machine and were now crunchy and oh so smelly. Immediately after the stench, we notice the pull-out couch (not featured on their website, of course):

This picture doesn't do the decrepit old couch justice. You sink when you sit on it, so we pulled out the bed thinking we could at least lay down and watch tv. Here's what was inside:

Missing, broken and sprung springs along with the flattest mattress known to man. It was quite an adventure trying to prop pillows under it so we could have somewhere decent to sit and relax. Humf.

Moving on.

Across from the couch is the gas fire place. I have no idea if it works, but we were left a hand written note on the hearth instructing us not to use it at night.

Moseying into the kitchen brings us to another handwritten note letting us know that it would really help out if we washed the dishes and the towels before we left.

Really, that is a completely acceptable request, it's just the way in which it was asked that was a bit perturbing... especially because the owner took the time to write all these notes, but there was no welcome note... unless you count the invoice waiting for us on the table with a side note of "Thanks for Staying".

We check out the upstairs to find the bed and jacuzzi tub. Oh, and guess what? ANOTHER NOTE! This one explains that we should just run the hot water - otherwise the water will be cold by the time the tub is full. Helpful? Yes. Professionally done? No. It's a nice crisp piece of paper that has obviously been wet and dried several times. And if my memory serves me correctly, the grammar was awful!

So now that we have the cabin rules noted, we head down the stairs noticing the two planks of wood across the window. Jeff says they probably put them up because someone once went through the window after falling down the stairs.

Later, Jeff personally discovers that his hypothesis is most likely true: he found a slick step and used the bars to stop himself from going out the window. We quit wearing socks up and down the stairs after that.

After getting acquainted with the cabin and it's rules, we finally settled down and relaxed. Throughout our stay, we ate a couple gourmet meals in town, checked out the local shops and antique mall, did a little grocery shopping (where we went on a huge dairy binge), and just some driving around to site-see. I watched a couple movies and Jeff read. We had great conversation and enjoyed the quiet, too. It was nice to not have a schedule. Each day was lazy in it's own way. It was great!

We also happened across a jewelry store in it's final days of business with an 80% off sale! We stopped in to take a peek and Jeff found a band that I've had my eye on for about a year now (and was hoping for for our 10 year anniversary). It fit well with my engagement ring, and then he spotted the exact band in platinum as well. He said that I might like to get the platinum one, too, for the days I wear silver jewelry. He told the girl to "Wrap 'em up!" and I said, "Yes, sir!" with a huge grin on my face! He continued to browse and I went to pay. While the cashier was putting the rings in boxes, Jeff came up behind me and whispered loud enough for the cashier to hear, "So, how are you going to keep these hidden from your husband?" The cashier looked up at me and said, "What?" I just had to playfully punch him in the gut. He deserved it. :)

Saturday was the only thing we really had "planned". We met up with T, Super B, and Super Dad. We ate breakfast together at Jack's and then headed on to Trade Day. I must say we were smiling and laughing the whole time! It was so much fun to meet and we even talked about getting the kids together someday! It's so nice to have friends!

While there, Jeff was in a man's paradise! He came home with a pair of sunglasses, a set of loppers, a handle for his sledge hammer, a cell phone holder and this for his office. (So, I'm not the only one that's spoiled! LOL!)

After Trade Day, we headed through the mountains for a scenic tour back to the cabin. I'll leave you with these pretty pictures.

It was a wonderful vacation in spite of the cabin. And now, we have a funny story to tell, too!

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Super B's Mom said...

O.M.G. I look so gross in that picture!! I had Trade Day hair!!

You & Jeff are our kind of people!!'d you like that couch? HAHA

laurel said...

Your hair looks so good long! I am glad you have grown it back out. :)
It sounds like you had a great romantic getaway. I am so glad it was relaxing for you!
Bummer about the "note nazi" but it sounds like you had a good sense of humor about it!! :)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I hope the rest of the place was better than the pics you showed. Despite those details, looks like you had a good time anyway. Beautiful ring. Your hubby is a real sweetie.

How'd you feel after that dairy binge?

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Interesting "details" of your place, but hey, it was a weekend away :) BEAUTIFUL ring!

Beth said...

Eww, that cabin looks icky! I hope it was better than it looks.

Your ring, however, is gorgeous!

Isn't it nice to get away every now and then?

Dana said...

Interesting place. Sounds like you had a great time being together.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Moma told me that you were coming over my way. We go to that trade day quite often and we ride motorcycles up through Mentone too. Trade day is only about 20 minutes from my house. I know yall had a busy weekend though. Maybe yall can come visit another time. Glad yall had fun and got to see some of our beautiful side of the state. Kiss the boys for me, I miss them so much.

Audrey said...

I just found your blog through I laughed through your post at the amount of notes. Bet your own mattress sure felt good when you got home.

Elaine A. said...

Ok, so the cabin wasn't paradise but it looks like the outdoors was and I love your new bling! Glad you had some time away...

4funboys said...

love the ring!!!

glad you had a good time... inspite of the cabin...