Tuesday, July 15, 2008

John Deere Tractor Song

I'm devoting this Tiny Talk Tuesday to Nathan; he's trying really hard and stringing 4 - 5 "words" together now. Once he tried to tell Jeff and I something that must have been a paragraph long, but unfortunately we didn't understand a thing! We did however, have huge smiles on our faces and lots of praise for him trying! :)

At night while putting each boy to bed, we sing a song or tell stories to each boy. One night, while Jeff was putting Nathan down, he figured out that Nathan wanted the song, "As the Deer". Jeff relayed to me that the process started with Nathan saying, "Brrmm Brrmm Sau" which I would know to mean, "Tractor Song". That's as far as I would have gotten, but then Nathan signed and said, "Dee Sau" - as in "Deer Song". (Get the connection? ... John Deere Tractor? Tractor Song... Deer Song... As the Deer... LOL!)

Here are more of his latest words (not all, though):

"Lu" with the sign for I Love You
"Baa Uuu" = "Back Up" - walks backwards
"Saw" = "Saw" and his hand straight up like a blade (his made up sign for saw)
"Nase" - "Nathan"
"Choc Mik" - "chocolate milk"

"1 tine" - "one more time" while holding up a single finger

"Wi 5" - Will is 5
"Nase 2" - Nathan is 2
"Wi 1" - Witt is 1
and sometimes just for fun in trying to be a big boy, "Nase 5" :)

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blessedwith5 said...

Your kids are adorable! And you are right - it would be great if "things" actually could answer you! This age is so awesome - just watching them figure out the world is amazing!

Nowheymama said...

For a second I thought you meant the John Deere theme song that I hear ALL THE TIME on E's John Deere videos. "John Deere made a better plow..."

Mary@notbefore7 said...

WOW! He is really saying a lot now!

Love the deer and Deere...LOL!

Super B's Mom said...

Ok.."One Tine" is so incredibly adorable! That's my favorite!!