Thursday, July 31, 2008

Roundin' Up the Boys' Bathroom Closet

I have been wanting to tackle this bathroom closet for soooo long! This closet holds shampoos, medicines, sheets, blankets, and other odds 'n ends. Here are the before pictures:


BOTTOM SHELF & FLOOR: (not much room for the dirty clothes basket, huh?)

I lucked into some great little wicker baskets on sale to hold all the toiletry items. I've divided the baskets into: toilet paper & toddler wipes, skin care, lotions, bath soaps & shampoos, dental, stuffy nose box of vicks and vapor plug-ins, travel size products, and odds 'n ends that don't really fit in a category.

Shortly after finding those baskets, I ran across a 60% off sale on the large woven baskets for the blankets! I just love it when a sale comes my way on something I was in "need" of! :)

The sheets may not look extremely organized, but I've actually got them folded up into the corresponding pillow case (when available). This way it's easy for Will to go pick out his sheets... he just need to grab the pillow case like a bag and carry it all to his room.

And best of all there is room for the dirty clothes basket! LOL!

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Chef Penny said...

It looks awesome! I wish I had a closet like that in our bathroom! Want to come to my house?

3boys247 said...

You have inspired me! The closet looks great. Once the boys go back to school, I can get organized again!

Dana said...

That looks really nice. I wish we have a closet in our bathroom. But I've done something similiar to the closet in the living room.
Great job.

nottryingforaboy said...

OK, seriously, your "before pictures" are more organized than my closets on any given day. Sigh.

Trista said...

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~Billie~ said...

Looks great! Your boys are adorable. I've got 3, as well. They are a handful, but life is never dull!

My name is Dianna said...

way to go becky, too bad your so far away! my whole house looks like your before pics!