Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Too Much To Do

Our A/C went out yesterday (the hottest day of the year - 103, I think I heard)! Ugh. Luckily it was fixed quickly and back down to 80 before we went to bed last night.

We didn't do anything around the house yesterday so I have two days worth of chores today plus grocery shopping... oh, and the stomach bug has hit two of my kids again.

I have Scavenger Hunt photos to share, an unplugged project, and a tiny talk... but no time... they will have to wait.

I'll be back when things get a little more together around here!

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Jamie Kaufmann said...

catching up is never easy. good luck. i took some time off my blog b/c i needed to get more pressing things done. don't feel guilty. we'll "see" ya when we "see" ya. :)

Dana said...

2 of my kids got the stomach bug too. Not fun. Catch up when you can.

Super B's Mom said...

Awww man! So sorry to hear that. I'll be praying that things improve quickly at your house!!!


jennifer said...

There's a stomach bug in your house AND the a/c went out? Not fair! Hang in there!

Elaine A. said...

Oh the stomach bug - I am SO sorry, for them and YOU! I hope everyone feels better ASAP!