Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Bloggiversary to Me!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED: click here for winner!

Update #2: Why was my entry deleted? If your entry did not meet all of the qualifications, I deleted your comment to easily choose a random comment at

(I have many readers that don't blog, so please feel free to stop lurking and enter my giveaway... comment as ANONYMOUS, but be sure to leave your email address in your comment. Good luck!)

Here are the rules:

1. One entry per person.
2. You must include your apron choice in your comment as that will be the one you receive. (If you change your mind later in the week, delete your previous comment and add a new one.)
3. I'll notify the winner via email/blog site and you'll have 3 days to get your mailing address to me.
4. Winner will be drawn randomly.
5. US Residents only.
6. You do not have to be a blogger to enter.
7. I reserve the right to include more rules as I see fit in case I've forgotten something. LOL!

Good luck!


Ok, let's lighten things up around here!!! Yes, parenting IS hard work, but it's so much more fun to


I would love to give you one of these, but I need to talk with the hubs-man first on the financials. It's not terribly expensive, but we're in major save-mode right now. I want to do something for my bloggy buddies though! One year is cause to celebrate! Wooo Hoooo!

In the mean time, please feel free to browse around over there just in case! Let me know which one interests you... I have several favorites! :)

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Amy said...


I love Cousin Penelope's with a Bee in my Sunbonnet coming in a close second!

I've been to that site before, as I LOVE aprons! And besides being so dern cute, they're super practical!

Nowheymama said...

Wow! A Year! Yay!

I like the Good Morning Glories one. I need to use bib aprons because I always spill on my shirts.

laurel said...

Happy Blogiversary! Very impressive that you know when your blogiversary is...I can barely keep my wedding anniversary straight! LOL
Anywho, I would love a vintage apron, and if I win, I like the cutie patootie apron best.
Thanks Becky!

Super B's Mom said...

Well Happy Blog Day to you!! :)

Oh I'm all about some vintage aprons!! If I were picking just one, it would be the "All Patched Up". I am so in love with that apron!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Ava Bib (Retro Cherry)...whew...didn't want to forget. Cause if I win, I am so getting my girls the matching little ones :)

Congrats on your bloggiversary - it's a long time to keep up with this hobby for sure :)

Karen said...

Happy anniversary! I love vintage aprons! I think my favorite today from Rick Rack Attack is the On the Flip Side one.

Elaine A. said...

I am late to the party but wanted to wish you a Happy Bloggiversary (you spell it the same way I do - YAY!) Only one year - wow, I would think it's been longer than that! : )

And.. I am loving the Cousin Petunia's Pantaloon apron! So cute!