Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Laugh, Learn, Love holds a weekly challenge for us moms... things we may have trouble with and can help each other out on. This week's challenge is the lunch time meal. What do we serve? What do the kiddos eat?

Well, meals in general are a challenge for us: 1 picky eater, 1 with severe food allergies, and well, we don't have any issues from the other one... he's a garbage disposal! :)

Mr. Picky won't eat anything with sauce or cheese or lunch meat or anything that squishes or is slimy. He specifically asks for "Macaroni & Cheese without the Cheese"... so, yes, plain elbows. (Although we don't do Mac&Cheese anymore anyway...)

Many times I will serve what is leftover from the previous night's supper. I like to put at least 3 - 4 options on their plate and let them choose what they eat. Standards for Will (almost 6) and Nathan (2 1/2) include any combination of the following:

hot dogs
chicken noodle soup
peanut butter sandwich
slices & peeled apples or pears
black eyed peas (Will's favorite!)
raw baby carrots
pretzel sticks
graham crackers w/ peanut butter

Witt also eats the above except for the raw carrots, chicken noodle soup (egg noodles), and peanut butter. I give him sunflower butter instead because I just don't have much confidence in his allergy testing from last year. I also skin and cut up the (Hebrew National) hot dogs for him.

Will's standard lunch for school includes a combination of:

drink: 1/2 juice - 1/2 water
pretzel sticks
raw baby carrots
yogurt raisins (we don't serve at home, so this is a treat)
a banana, apple, or pear
peanut butter sandwich (no crust) or PB on graham crackers
fruit snacks

As you can see... not extremely healthy. We could do much better. I'd like to add more veggies, of course, but still want to keep lunches easy.

Some of the changes I am currently making include using more whole wheat flour when I bake and switching to healthier noodles. I'm not ready to try whole wheat noodles again quite yet, but there are other options out there now. Just last night I bought some quinoa pasta (although we don't need gluten free products, I hear this is a great source of iron and protein). I also bought it in flake form for cooking. I'm curious to see how the boys react to it (especially plain). We shall see.

So, what do you cook/serve for your kiddos' lunches?

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Christian said...

Did you try those "Q" noodles yet? Let me know how you like them, if you don't mind. We are also trying to venture into the world of whole wheat, but haven't cared for the nutty flavor and texture of the pastas. My kids eat them just fine, it is me that has the trouble!! Thanks!

Sara: said...

I agree with Christian. My boy doesn't mind the whole wheat noodles, it's my husband that isn't the fan. I don't think the boy even notices a difference.

Super B's Mom said...

Brody will only eat:

Chicken nuggets
with Ketchup.

Fish sticks
with Ketchup.

with Ketchup.

with Ketchup.

And big surprise - he's been diagnosed with acid reflux. Way to go Super Mom for serving ridiculous amounts of acidic ketchup that had eroded your son's esophagus....

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm seriously in a panic about what to pack for his school lunch. I feel so unprepared. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!?!

Erin said...

That's a great list! Black eyed peas? I'm blown away. I'm going to write these things down so I can start rotating them into our lunch schedule!

3boys247 said...

I think your lunch lists look great. What time is lunch at your house? My kids are getting tired of turkey sandwiches and peanut butter. We have been at the pool (with our lunches) all summer, so I need easy things to pack. Sometimes, we have pizza delivered. YUM.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...


Sad to say, but we don't really have a set lunch time... usually when the boys start asking to eat. I guess it's around noon-ish... depends on how breakfast went.

Now that school is coming on though, I'm going to have to be more scheduled with breakfast - and shove it in them! LOL!



Nope, still haven't tried the noodles yet. Maybe this next week... I'll be sure to post about it. Thanks for asking!

LizzyP said...

Thanks for your ideas!