Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Nay Spae Ma!" - and other Tiny Talk

I was telling Will, almost 6, that I was trying to keep him and his brothers occupied while Jeff worked on something. He told me, "Well, we're not occupied, and we're not impressed." LOL! Where does this stuff come from????

Nathan, 2 1/2 years old, is hitting the terrible 3s; he's realized that he has emotions and opinions. The most common phrase out of his mouth is, "Nay Maa!" (Nathan's Mad!)

He also likes to turn the tables when he's in trouble. I tell him, "Mama's going to spank you if you do that," and he replies with, "No, Nay spae Ma!" (No, Nathan spank mom!) He's going to be a hard headed little booger!

Witt's vocabulary is coming along pretty well (15 months). His newest words are:

Bawww (Ball)

Bup (Bump)

Doe (Go)

And I think he's saying "Buu" for book, too, I'm just not certain quite yet! :)

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Super B's Mom said...

Oh my goodness....Witt is going to town on that thumb!!! haha I LOVE IT!! I am cracking up about the "We are not impressed." HAHAHAHA

Are ya'll getting drenched? It's been non-stop here since Saturday night!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

hee, hee, those are the best! this morning miles told graham that he needed to obey God...and he needed to obey HIM (meaning Miles). Oh brother.....

Nowheymama said...

E's new favorite is "[Insert name here] scared me!"

Sara said...

Well for what it's worth, I am impressed! LOL, similar to my TTT this week!

mom24 said...

It's good that Nathan's talking though, huh? We are improving with speech therapy on our end but it doesn't help the terrible 2's (uh almost 3's!).
Happy TTT!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Will is totally cracking me up...not impressed...LOL!

Love these. Happy TTT!

Deborah said...

Too funny! Not occupied and not impressed!!! Oh my!! I wonder what that meant to Will?

Yep... Nathan is going to be a handful... he is a bruiser!

Witt, you gotta give that thumb a break, bud! So glad he is talking already!!!

I need an Ellis fix again!!!!!!! I miss you folks so much!!!!!