Thursday, August 28, 2008

Organizing Roundup: The Entryway

Our family enters our house through the garage and into the mudroom. As soon as we walk in from the garage, we're greeted by the mudroom sink. Unfortunately, it can be a catch-all.


I removed the tray to the left of the sink and added a shelf. If you can't go out, go up!


To the right of the sink, there is a nice set of cabinets and crates to hold our shoes. I have always been a big fan of crates for shoes. It's just easy. Each boy has his own crate and Jeff and I share one.

(Yes, I've used this picture before.)

We added some hooks above each crate to hold the boys' backpacks and diaper bags. We also added a set of hooks to the far wall to get the church bag and my purse off the floor. (The hanging monkey is actually one of those backpack kid-leashes. My MIL bought it for Nathan, and I just don't know if I really want to use it or not... a leash for a kid??? IDK. Anyway...)


There's usually a Thomas the Train backpack on the third hook, but it's at Kindergarten today. :)

On the opposite wall of the cabinets is where the hooks for backpacks, diaper bags, purses, coats, etc used to be. Oh, and if you look to the back you'll see a little chair. That's our naughty chair. It's in the mudroom, too.

Now we just have a rack of 5 hooks waiting for our Fall jackets. Oh, and the naughty chair. ;)

A special thanks to our good friend, Deborah, who painted the mudroom. That helped tremendously in pulling it all together! Thank you!!

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Massey Family said...

I love the crate idea under the hooks it always seems there is more then just the backpack. Great idea!

laurel said...

Wow, looks very organized! I have always been on the fence about those kid leashes too...I finally caved and bought one like yours when Landing (Crash) was 1 1/2 and I was preggers with Bauer. He actually really loves it, and asks to put it on when we get out of the car. I have had a few ugly comments (probably from people who don't have small or multiple children) and I just respond that at this point, it is more important to insure that my child is safe than to worry about other people's opinions. Mostly though, people laugh and think it is cute.

mom24 said...

Room looks great! It always feels so good to gets things organized! I LOVE the crate idea - I feel like I am swimming in shoes at our entry door (6 people after all!)!

I don't understand what is so controversial about kid leashes! If you don't have prefectly trained toddlers (and who REALLY does, might I ask?), wouldn't you prefer to use a leash than have a child run over by a car in the parking lot or lost in a store full of clothes racks? It's a physical connection to the mommy when a child doesn't have a good sense of his own physical space yet (or is not well-trained). And why is is someone else's business whether you use one or not? This is not like smacking a child around, after all!

I say use it if you WANT to or NEED to - don't worry about other people.

Sorry for the digression. It just gets my ire up when we as parents have bigger fish to fry - like the rise in childhood obesity or autism or food allergies. What's wrong with a kids tether? And what kid wouldn't love a cute little monkey on their back anyway? :-D Just my opinion .... you use your good judgement, okay?

Rachel said...

I love your backpack wall...I wish I had a mudroom area. We come into our house right into the dining room. sigh.
Unless you're somewhere where you have to know where multiple children are then you would probably need the leash. Otherwise you won't.
We use one on my 3 year old...mostly because he has a habit of bolting and he's getting quite fast. I laughed at the other comment when she said, (who really does have perfectly trained toddlers. ) I am soo there right now. I hope your mudroom helps you stay more organized.

Courtney said...

i love your big mudroom. I sure hope that my desk place has a nice place like that. you did great!

Heidi Boos said...

The small additions that you have added to this space looks like it will help you be even more organized. I like that you added hooks above the shoe bins for the bags and that the opposite wall is a lot less cluttered. Great job!

Avlor said...

Great job! re: the kid leash...I had one for one of my kiddos too. I used it when I had to in order for her to be safe. My brother used to be tricky and got hit by a backing out car when he was small. Turned out ok - but we were lucky!

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

So nice and neat! I love the little time out chair...too cute.

Alicia said...

Great post!

Deborah said...

Looking good!!!!!!!!!