Saturday, September 6, 2008


Today was Will's first soccer game! What a hoot! Out of the 13 kids there to play the game, I think there were about 3 with skill. :) One of them was on our team and his name is Will... not to be confused with William.

Yes, there are two Wills on our team and during the first practice, the coaches were trying to sort out how to distinguish the two when coaching. My Will belts out, "Well, my real name is Will-YUM!" (not spelled that way, but that's the way it sounded.) So, my Will is William and the other Will is Will. Will has a major talent for soccer; William has a talent for dancing in cleats. LOL!

Check out his moves via video:

However, when he does get in there he does pretty well!

He even exhibits great sportsmanship by striking up a conversation with the opposite team. ;)

And clapping from the sidelines.

It was a nice morning for the first game, too... nice and cool (around 73). The parents were all lined up on their chairs and cameras. Each rooting a different child on. Jeff at one point told me, "I've got to calm down! My heart is racing a mile a minute!" LOL! Here are some more action shots that cause a dad's heart to race! :)

Click on this picture to enlarge it so you can see the HUMONGOUS smile on his face! In fact, I think he's smiling in every picture I've posted. He's having a great time!

Go Dragons!!

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