Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Make a Spectacular Middle Child

Nathan is 2... almost 3. Those terrible 2s are NOTHING compared to the 3s! Then again, you've always been a handful! :)

Your favorite expression right now is, "Nay maaa!" for "Nathan's mad!" You drop your head just enough to glare from the top of your eyes. Even more so than the picture in this post. You are also testing your boundaries with hitting, too. You hit when your mad. Not good.

You are talking a lot more, but bless your heart, I have no idea what you're saying sometimes. I asked about your first day of school and you responded with a paragraph full of stuff! Can't share it though... I have no idea what you said, but I was so excited just the same. I did understand, "Nay droe caa." (Nathan drove a car.) I think they have a "car" on the playground. You also said you rode in a plane ("Nay roe pae" while signing plane.) They must have a "plane" out there, too. There was also something about a "big tee", but it wasn't a "big tree" so I don't know. :) You seem to be enjoying school, but the teacher says you just can't seem to stay in your seat. nooooo... really? LOL!

You love stuffed animals (you sleep with about 6 every night), tractors (BRrrmmmmm!), and books. "Ree, mama, ree" (Read, mama, read!) Although you love everything to do with tractors, you'll take a book on anything.

You and Papaw have always been big buddies, too.

I think it might just be that he's the one that owns and drives the tractor, though... LOL!

You're in that toddler stage of not eating too much. Up until now, you've been our "garbage disposal", so it's been weird to see you not eating quite so much, but you're growing fine and have PLENTY of energy, so I'm not worried.

You're also in the middle stages of potty training. Last week was the first time you told us you had to go. It's hard to find a motivation because you don't care if you're in diapers, pullups, or big boy underwear. No big deal to you. You really just go with the flow. (no pun intended! ha!)

You still nap once a day... for about 2 - 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon. Woo Hoo! You are a good sleeper at night, too. We rock through a few verses of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or As the Deer or a made-up song from your choice of subject. You'll say, "Barn Song" or "Bird Song" or "Grass Song". Then Daddy or I will make something up. When we're done singing, you hop into bed, get covered up, and then off to sleep you go. It's a wonderful routine and you know it well. In saying that though, you are starting to postpone bedtime by telling me you wants something to eat. (Little stinker!)

You've figured out how to make yourself burp (I'm so proud) and then you'll add, "Scooz me," with giggles. Another great trick is blowing spit bubbles. You are a child of many talents, Nathan.

You are VERY stubborn. I say "yes", you say "no". I say "this side," you say, "No, this sye!" (with a grin that tells me you know you are being a pain). I have no idea where you get your stubbornness from though, you're daddy is not a stubborn man at all. {wink wink... there's no way it's from little ol' me!}

You have such a fun personality, though. You love to giggle and snuggle. There is just something about you that draws people in.

Maybe it's your sincere smile...

Love you, you little stinker!

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