Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Want to Forget Your Name

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Well, we've got three talkers now!

Witt (17 months) is moving right along with words like "No" and "A-ta" for hat. He's also starting to sign a little more than just "more". :) He's now using the following signs as well:

all done

Nathan (turns 3 next month) counted to 10 yesterday out loud for the first time. He can identify all of the capital letters and many lowercase letters (he can sign them all as well). I caught him looking at a tractor book and pointing out the lowercase letters in tractor. "t - r- a- c- t- o- r" Then he slid his finger across the bottom of the word and said "tra" for tractor. I was really impressed!

Nathan's favorite word is still "NO!". He likes to say, "I say NO!" or "Nay-Nay say NO!" He's in that very defiant and disobedient stage. He's driving me crazy!!! :) Oh, and he's still mad all the time.

Will (just turned 6) is still full of stories and now songs, too. After school he told me that he made up a song... "Wanna hear it, mama?" Well, of course!

1, 2, 3... do you see me?
4, 5, 6... do you know six?
7, 8 , 9... do you know nine?
10, 10... do it again.
He then proceeded tell me that he needs to "practice it a lot, because practice makes perfect." Oh yeah! :)

He also likes to tell jokes, but still hasn't caught on to how to tell a funny joke. When he first asked me what a joke was, I told him the "Chicken crossing the rode" joke. Bad idea. Will is a very literal child and so when he made up his own jokes, they were like:

Why did the train crash?
Because he ran into the side of the mountain!!!
Hahahaha! Get it, mom? Get it?

Now he's picked up a few that actually make sense and his favorite is

What does a cow read every morning?
A moos-paper!!!
Hahahaha! Get it, mom? Get it?

The best comment I heard from his this week was:

I'm going to be so good that you forget my name. That's what Mrs. P says.

Good one, Mrs. P.; I like it! :)

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Super B's Mom said...


Is there ever a time that you aren't laughing at home? Those boys are so funny!!!

Erin said...

Ah, boys and jokes. Mine are also in that fun stage, making up jokes that aren't very funny. And being boys there is a lot of potty talk.

babyboofelt said...

So cute! Gavin's only joke is knock knock, who's there, but then he starts over lol