Saturday, October 11, 2008

Six Random Facts about Me

MommyK at The Great Walls of Baltimore tagged me for six random facts. Here goes...

1. I like routine. No, I love routine. I have my chores laid out by the day. Mondays and Thursdays I do laundry. Tuesdays is grocery shopping. Wednesday is vacuuming... you get the picture. When I get thrown off and have to grocery shop on Wednesday, my whole week is thrown off. I like to know what's coming and even turned down a free lunch in college to a cafeteria style restaurant because I didn't know "how it worked". I know, that's crazy.

2. I was diagnosed with TMJ disorder over 10 years ago and sleep with a mouthpiece at night to keep me from clenching my jaw. It's very becoming and I speak so much more clearly when I have it in. HA! not.

3. My feet grew a 1/2 size longer with each pregnancy. Before I was a mom, I wore a size 8. I'll do the math for you... I now wear a mammoth 9 1/2.

4. Northern by birth; Southern by choice.

5. My biggest fear is drowning in a car underwater. So much so that I actually carry one of those tools that can break a window easily in my vehicle.

6. I am REALLY good at the game Taboo... especially when Jeff and I are a team. We kick butt.

I tag:

SuperB'sMom 'cause she just posted some quirks and I want to see what else she comes up with

bekahcubed because I feel like shes just "gets me" and I wonder how similar we are

Lulu@RedefiningSanity because I want her to start blogging again. miss you!

JulieKinTaiwan because I love the fantastic projects she does with her kids and I want to learn more about her ;)

Holly@TheWeavers because she's gonna have her first baby soon and I'd like to invite her into the realm of mommy blogging and tags! :) Come play with us, Holly!

MyNameisDianna because she's got plenty of time with only four kids. The more kids the more time you have, right? LOL!

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MommyK said...

Thanks for playing along! I do my housework on a schedule too. My husband just does not get it. Great pic of you!

Beth said...

Thank goodness I'm not alone! My feet grew a half size after each baby, too. Maybe it has something to do with having 3 boys :-)

bekahcubed said...

You ladies are scaring me with the feet growing thing--I always thought I'd like to have a dozen kids--but no way if it means I have to wear a size 17!

Oh-and thanks for tagging me, Becky. It makes me feel so legit as a blogger! I'll be responding soon.

Anonymous said...

The picture of you is very pretty.. I have two boys my feet didn't grow any.. kim White

CC said...

I have one of those car window breakers too!

myheart4him said...

My feet grew with each pregancy, too. I used to have small feet for a tall girl. Not anymore.

I live in Florida and have to cross a long brige over the bay. If I cross that bridge with my kids, I have to mentally prepare myself. How will I get me and the kids out of the car, if I "fall off the bridge? And, I drive extra careful. If I let it worry me too much, I will have a nightmare about it. It's tough being a Mom, lots to worry about.

Enjoyed your blog.