Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Love Mama Bug

Each morning the boys get a cup of hot chocolate when they wake up. It's really just warmed soy milk with some chocolate Nesquick. One morning, Nathan was in an especially grumpy mood when he woke up and told me, "NayNay no want choc milk." I replied, "Well then do you just want plain milk?" His eyes lit up and a smile brightened his face as he nodded. When we got to the kitchen, though, that all changed as he saw me pour just the milk and give it to him.

He started tearing up and replied with, "NayNay want play milk." I asked him, "You want play milk" while signing "play". He said, "No. Play milk" while signing PLANE. He was excited about "plane" milk! It sure is hard explaining plain versus plane to three year old!

Nathan has always been a cross between a terror and a lover. Very stubborn and hot tempered one minute, but then just a sweet little man the next. When he turned three it was like a switch went off and he has become more sweet than stubborn. It's been so nice!

One morning he hoped into bed with us and snuggled in close to me with the sweet statement, "Love Mama". I pulled him closer with a hug and asked, "Are you a love bug?" He replied, "No, love mama bug!" So cute!

Conversation with Will in the car:

Will: What does a mayor do?

Me: He runs the city.

Will: Is that all he does?

Me: Well, he does more than that -

Will interrupts with: Maybe they make promises.

Me, laughing: Yes, I suppose they do.

Will was searching for his compass one evening and came in asking, "Do you know where my map and compost are?"

Will handed Jeff some coins. Jeff told him, "Thanks, but I don't want to take your money. You keep it."

Will replied,

"But I wanted to give you some cents (sense)."

New words from Witt this week (18 months):


Bang - as he hits me. oh joy.




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Amy said...

Nathan reminds me so much of Gabe. And isn't it funny that they both share a little challenge with talking? ;)

I just can't wait for Gabe to turn into sweet & not stubborn!

Praying diligently for the allergy test!

Super B's Mom said...

HAHAHA!! Can he give me some sense? Lord knows I need some!

I love the mayor one - boy do they ever make some promises!! haha

Your young'uns are so precious!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOL...I'll take some "sense" with a side of sanity if he can deliver :)

Happy TTT!