Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nathan Turned THREE!!!

Nathan decided that he wanted green icing on his cake for his 3rd birthday, so I went with it. This picture doesn't do the lime color justice!

Then it was time for him to decorate it with sprinkles!

I thought he would just add a few, but he wanted to empty the container. So I let him. It was a nice and crunchy cake! LOL!

Grandmother and Papaw gave him a John Deere Gator! Daddy got the fun task of putting it together.

Witt loved it! He wouldn't get out of it and pitched a royal fit when anyone else tried to get on with him. I told Grandmother that she's gonna have to even out the playing field at Christmas time! HAHA! (Will has a JD tractor at her house.)

We had a couple friends from church over for cake and presents, Noah and Emily.

Their daddy is a police officer and they gave Nathan a police car! He loves it!

Nathan has been asking a lot to watch Signing Time's Leah's Farm, but it is all scratched up and can't be watched, so we got him a replacement. He was very excited!

We also gave him a fire truck. He loves fire trucks! "Fye Tuck!"

Nathan also has a thing for Mickey Mouse so we pulled him in on the decorations:

Daddy lit the candles:

Look at that smile! He was so excited!!!

Hold on to that chair, baby! You might blow yourself over! Ha ha!


Right before bed we asked Nathan to get in the gator for a picture. Before he would sit down in it though, he had to load it up! He knows what he's doing!

Happy Birthday, Buddy! Love you!

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Nowheymama said...

Oh my gosh, Eli would LOVE that Gator. :)

reprehriestless warillever said...

Happy Birthday, Nathan!