Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Nathan, age 3, is my featured Tiny Talker this week:

Grabs my hand and says "Fow Me" - "Follow Me"

Last night at supper, we had mashed potatoes with our meal. Nathan took a bite and very plainly said, "Good potatoes!" Although he's speaking more, we are going to be looking into some speech therapy for better enunciation.

Every morning we have "hot chocolate". One day Nathan decided he didn't want hot chocolate anymore, he wanted just right chocolate. So now that's what he asks for each morning, "NayNay want just right chocolate."

He's such a sweetie lately, always hugging and kissing with a, "Love Mama."

"Q" - "cute" ...Everything is cute these days.

He doesn't want the big piece, he wants the little piece. "Lil piece" and of course, it's "Q".

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

My daughter wants cold chocolate...but hot first...LOL...

How Q!