Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Nathan (just turned 3) is REALLY coming along with his speech. Yesterday he came in the room and said, "Will push me." Clear as day. It was wonderful to understand him so plainly. We still use signs though. I'm so glad we used the Signing Time videos, they have helped so much in reducing the communication frustration (and just fun in general!)

Will (6 years) is still full of stories; once I asked him why he was being so quiet and he answered, "I'm just telling myself a story in my head."

The newest word from Will is "aggravating" only he pronounced it as "vat" not "vate". So I couldn't help but giggle when I heard, "Mom! Nathan is aggravatting me!" It was so cute. :)

Witt (18 months and video below) has added a few new words to his vocabulary this week including:

"OOUUU" : ouch. We hear this one A LOT! Poor little brother.
"Ka Ka" : when he wants you to "catch" a ball or "catch" him when he jumps off the bed
"Koe": cold

He can identify his toes, hands, nose, hair, and ears.
He likes imaginary play... especially pretending to pick things out of a book and eat them! (Complete with "num num num" sounds!)

Here's a video of the fun we had putting balloons in the boys' hair:

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Kelly said...

your boys are so cute.
it is so fun to hear the variations of words they come up with.
CJ is 3 and we get a kick out of Little Einsteins, which he calls "lil tinetines"

Colored With Memories said...

sweet words!