Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Our poor tree. The boys have mutilated it this year. We opted for no ornaments after they broke my strand of "cranberries". The only ornaments on the tree this year are the ones Will brought home from school and the few we received as gifts prior to Christmas. Again... poor tree.

We left a frosty mug of soy milk and some cookies for Santa. A pile of carrots for the eight reindeer and a red apple for Rudolph, per Will's request. :)

Santa sure did work some magic on our tree! It sure looks beautiful now! :)

He and the reindeer enjoyed their cookies and left a thank-you note behind.

He stuck three swords in our tree...

And loaded the boys with presents!

We had some friends and family send us money to get the boys some gifts and I thought this would be the easiest place to let them see what they got the boys. :)

From Deborah to Nathan:

From Deborah to Will:

From Deborah to Wittman:

(The truck is a combo gift from Deborah, Jeff & me.)

From Nana & Grampa to Nathan:

From Nana & Grampa to William:

From Nana & Grampa to Wittman:

A few highlights from Santa:

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Amy said...

Looks like fun!

Merry Christmas!!

babyboofelt said...

Looks like they had fun! hehe and a nice truck haul too!

My ex's mom had her son's make tree ornaments every year after they broke something of hers, by the time they were teens she had a whole tree of handmade ornaments!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

ok woman, we took off our ornaments too, after the tree went down three times in the first 2 days. and miles got spencer as well.