Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Scratch Test Day 2008

Well, there's good news and bad news. To begin with, I want to record what he was tested for.

Milk, Egg white, Egg yolk, Peanut, Fish mixture, Shellfish mixture

We'll start with the good: Witt is not allergic to fish or shellfish. I had them add that to the test list just to be on the safe side. We occasionally have shrimp and crab, but we've always avoided him when we have it. He's only eaten fish once (although I've served it several times). So, the good news is that we have some knowledge that we didn't have before.

The bad news is that he is still allergic to milk and eggs (both the white and yolk). In fact, within 30 seconds of his scratch test, I knew he was still allergic to milk. So it is still quite severe.

The extra news is that the peanut test came back positive (last year it was negative). I requested the peanut because I was never satisfied with the testing done last year. We avoided peanut with him this last year as well because I just had a "hunch". If you'd like the details on my dissatisfaction, you can check it out here.

Peanut had a much larger reaction that the eggs, but less than the milk. Here's the picture of his back 15 minutes after the initial scratching which is when they read the results.

We also had blood drawn for the RAST test which will be done for each of the items from the scratch test. These results will be back in about a week.

{Let me just say, Witt could not have done better with the blood being drawn. He cried when she stuck him with the needle, but he calmed down and just watched as she filled 5 viles (not full). She gave him a matchbox car when she was done. Then Witt and I traveled to the health food store for some milk-free, egg-free, peanut-free cookies. :) I also stocked up on Vegan Gourmet "cheeses" (for pizza!) and Veganaise (egg-free mayo). I also bought some rice noodles to try out just for fun.}


Witt still falls in the percentage of kids that "should" outgrow their allergies - especially the milk and eggs. Only about 20% of people outgrow the peanut allergy; those that do are the ones that acquired the allergy at a very young age. SO... he is also in the category in which he "should" outgrow the peanut allergy as well.

The latest information that I have read about milk allergies is 80% outgrow by age 6. Last year it was 80% by age 4. (I don't remember where I read this, but remembered the age difference).


I must admit I am disappointed. Of course I am. No matter how much I tried not to get my hopes up, I did. It's natural. I know. I haven't broken down in tears, although I almost did. I have chosen a different attitude though... the attitude that I can do this. I've done it for a year... nothing has changed. I've already been avoiding milk, egg, and peanut. Today is the same as as every other day this past year and we made it through just fine. Better than fine.

It's not like I'm starting over with something new. I don't have to change yet another item in our diet or figure out a new substitution. It's all the same. Sometimes SAME is good. I'll take it! :)

There is still more for me to learn about nutrition and cooking from scratch. I enjoy both of these and I have a reason to continue perusing it beyond a want. (If you know me well, you know that I need some boundaries and a good push to make changes. I'd say food allergies are a good boundary and a good push.) I hope to make more lasting and healthier changes to our diet.


Two months ago, I posted a request for prayers for Witt. Let me just say that I have been OVERWHELLMED with the response I have gotten. Comments, emails, cards, phone calls. Thank you all so much for you support and prayers. I cannot express how much it has meant to me knowing so many are sending so many prayers on his behalf. Thank you! Thank you!

Obviously God's answer is "No" or "Not now". I'm truly ok with that. I have faith in God's will, even if it doesn't match my own. I trust and believe that He will take care of my family. It's my choice on how I react. I choose to be thankful for thisfaith-building road I've been put on. Not only has my faith grown in Him but also in the people around me. I have a beautiful life and it is filled with loving, warm, caring people. I could not be surrounded by better.

Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you for your support. I ask that you continue to pray for Witt - that he will be allergy free at his next appointment. I know I'll be having a conversation with God everyday for the next 365 days. Maybe if I knock long enough and hard enough, He will grant my request (or maybe He won't), but I'm still going to be persistant... join me?

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Amy said...

I'm disappointed along with you.
But praising God that he entrusted Witt w/ such a trustworthy momma. Just remember, God knows you can handle it...
Once when I was feeling a little overwhelmed by everything (in the beginning stages of Flynn's allergy), a friend told me, "God must think you can handle it -- doesn't it feel good to know He thinks YOU can handle such a special child & such a situation?"
At the time I thought, I DON'T NEED SUCH A SITUATION!! But you have to know, we're better because of what we (& our kids) go through.

And they are SUCH GOOD KIDS...

Much prayer & lots of hugs,

Nowheymama said...

Gotta love those Mama instincts. You are doing such a good job and will continue to keep him safe.

Janelle said...

How disappointing for you, Becky. But, it sounds like you have a good attitude.
I understand the feeling that even though you tried not to have your hopes up, they were a little. You're right, it is natural. After all, that's why we keep getting our kids tested, isn't it? Because we have a little hope?!
And, yes...sometimes same is good!
We will continue to pray for your family, and Witt!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

i'm so sorry it wasn't better news. i feel your disappointment. but i also know that in about a week or two, you will be carrying on as normal and you will have hope for next year.

witt is still a young little guy and there's a lot that can happen. miles's egg and peanut looked like that at witt's age and the next year both were gone! i know that can happen for your little guy too.

thanks for sharing your journey. the picture makes me sad, it hits so close to home. but it's a good idea to do that, i plan to do the same from now on. wow, how many people would better understand if they could see a picture like that!

give witt a big hug, what a brave little boy. and give him lots of cookies for me, ok! :)

guess we will be bloggy buddies for another year.

Mom Unplugged said...

I am so sorry that he hasn't outgrown the allergies yet. If it is any consolation, my oldest didn't outgrow her milk allergy until about age 5 (she is now 8 and fine).

She was also positive for peanuts and I need to have her (and her two younger siblings) retested, but I have a feeling that she may have outgrown that too since she apparently had it from birth (my amniotic fluid was probably the trigger - I ate a lot of p.butter while pregnant with her - not with the others though!).

Her last RAST (2 years ago) was extremely high for peanuts, but just below allergic level. They told me the 20% thing with her too. I'll let you know what happens at our next allergist visit.

Hang in there, you are doing great!

mom24 said...

Thanks for this info! I feel like we've been flying kinda blind, never knowing if or when our ds might grow out of his sensitivities. The peanut one is encouraging too.
Remember that God has given Witt just the right Mommy for this task! :-D

Shobana Jayaraman (Srikumar) said...


I have a question for you. I notice that this is a very old post, but I believe you'll have it delivered to your email.
You've mentioned in this post that the allergist say Witt is in that percentage of children who will outgrow milk and egg allergies. My question is, what would qualify to be in that category of someone to get over the allergy?
Cheers, and a really very Happy New Year to you and Your family.

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

Shobana Jayaraman (Srikumar) ~

Basically the way I understand it is that the younger the peanut allergy is acquired the better the possibility of it being outgrown. So if you or I were to acquire the peanut allergy at our age, the likelihood of us outgrowing it would be very slim. There was no specific age given. The allergist just spoke in terms of "young age". Sorry I couldn't be of more help. :(