Saturday, January 24, 2009

Too Busy for God?

I am definitely in the "noisy season" of my life with three boys ages 6, 3, and 1. :)

Unfortunately, I think I have used that as a bit of an excuse. I have recently been very open with my husband about my lack of personal study. I think it was good for him, too, as we have made a new goal of getting up before the kids to have our own time with God and with each other.

Honestly, we've only followed through with our goal a few times, but I can certainly tell the difference in my day when I've had my personal time with God. I really need to get more serious with it. I enjoy so much reading God's word... why is it so hard to get started again?!?

This past week, I have started reading "Created to be His Help Meet". I'm only one chapter in, but already love this book. (Thanks, 4 Fun Boys for the gift of this book!) I look forward to focusing on how to become a better helper to my husband and encouraging him as he leads our family.

I do, however, pray throughout the day. Especially when someone requests a prayer. I say a prayer RIGHT THEN and THERE because I might forget it later at my "scheduled" prayer time. This has made a huge difference for me and by having already said a prayer, I generally do remember to pray for the person again!

It doesn't matter where I am or how short the prayer may be... I just do it. I have felt the power of prayer and I know it works. Asking and allowing others to pray for us has been a HUGE blessing to me and I try to return that blessing when I can.

We pray with our boys every night before bedtime as well. At first it was just with Will and Nathan since they share a room. We'd tuck them in and then say a prayer, but it was becoming difficult to keep two little boys still and quiet. {grin} Jeff had a brilliant idea of kneeling at the bed to pray with them (which just warms my heart, btw!).

One night, we decided to have Witt join us and it didn't take him long to fall right in line. The next night when we said, "Ok, it's time to pray," he ran to the bed, kneeled down, clasped his little hands together, and bowed his head. It was the MOST PRECIOUS thing I have ever seen!

A few nights later, I attempted a picture before the prayer, and this was the best shot I got (Will is on the far right in blue pjs)... I'll be trying again for a better picture, but I think you get the idea for now. :)

I look forward to Living Simply Saturdays over at Keeper of the Home.

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Amy said...

I'm with you in that noisy season of life-- just working in prayer here and there throughout the day.

That's an adorable picture! :)

Super B's Mom said...

I can relate to this post - SO WELL. I, too, can feel a distinct difference in my day when I've taken a moment to spend time with God. With no distractions - just me and Him. So, it's hard for me to understand why I don't do it more. Why wouldn't I take the time to do something that makes such a positive impact in my life?

I'm still trying to work through whatever is holding me back. Sometimes, I think the fear of not following through with a study is the thing that actually prevents me from even starting. Does that make sense?

You INSPIRE me to keep trying. Just knowing that I'm not the only mom who struggles with this gives me strength. You are an amazing mom AND wife.

I've heard of this book and will try to read it. I love Super Dad with all my heart and soul. But I am not the help meet that I could be..or should be. Too often, I catch myself "keeping score." And I know that isn't what God intended for my marriage.

I know I've said it before, but thank you. You make me want to do better. To accomplish more. To try harder. I LOVE YOU!!

Sorry for the rambling comments - but this post really got my mind going! :)

Meagan said...

I'm with you girls, the excuses are just not worth it in the long run, so I am trying to buckle down myself.