Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Witt's Words

Witt will be 20 months old next week! Wow... where has the time gone????

He's saying more and more these days. New words seem to be popping up every day - it's always exciting!

Here's the latest:

"Nay" - Nathan

"DOE!!!" - Door (when his brother's lock him out, he comes to tattle with a pointed finger and DOE!!!!!)

"PAY!!!" - You know your kids watch too much tv when the little one tells you the DVD is back at the menu and knows how to tell you to push "PAY" (play)

"Duh" - All done and signs it, too

"Muck" - milk


"Ack" - sock


"Gaaaah-t" - got it!

"Code" - cold

"My my" - mine

"Top" - stop (I usually hear this from him when I'm singing... LOL!)

"Pack pack" - back pack

"Tat" - hot

"Tat" - hat

"Bake" - blanket

"Kuh" - cup

"See All" - cereal

"Tuh" - stuck


"Buh" - book

Some funny things he does...

  • He runs away when I ask the question, "Who is stinky?"
  • He likes to play in the refrigerator. There was one day I was searching and searching for him and I finally found him almost completely in the fridge with the door only slightly cracked! We have since put a lock back on... he's not happy with that at all!
  • He likes to hide. He gets really quiet and we literally have to search for him (like the day I found him in the fridge). Not a peep from him until we find him. This is one of the places I found him last month:
  • He loves to fall. I mean literally fall flat. He'll run, stop, and fall forward. If he's a bed, he'll fall backward, too. I'm surprised he hasn't split his head open yet.
  • When he pitches a fit, I ask him if he needs to go to the corner. He promptly tells me "no" and then goes to sit in the corner anyway. LOL!
  • I hate this, but he loves to play in the toilet. Ack! Yuck! Gross! Especially with two older brothers that forget to flush sometimes. 'nuf said on that subject. :P
  • He likes to dance. Especially when we watch Signing Time and she sings the theme song.

Oh, and the kid is in serious need of a haircut; he's got a major "comb-over" goin' on with that long hair! LOL!

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ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Look at all that hair! Cutie. My 15-month-old likes to run away from me, too. Turkey.

Super B's Mom said...

That is one SERIOUS Alfala 'do he's go going on...haha

And I love how he says "pack pack". So sweet!

Candace said...

Don't you love how they have new words daily.

Ann said...

New words and activities are always fun ways to deal with the long days. Thanks for sharing those fun new words!

Jessie said...

What a cutie!

Geryl said...

I love the "corner" story...that is precious!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OH my goodness - look at that hair! LOL!

Oh I love all those words - go Witt go!