Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good for Making Dirt

Will ( 6 1/2 years)

My inquisitive one that purposefully makes funny faces for pictures!

Will: Mom, what kind of leaves can we eat?

Me: Well, there are spinach, lettuce, cabbage leaves.

Will: What about strawberry leaves?

Me: No, strawberry leaves aren't good to eat. I think they're probably bitter.

Will: Yeah, they are good for making dirt.


Nathan (3 years)

Loves to find letters!! He knows all the upper case, lower case, most of the sounds, and can sign them, too!

"Mama, two Ah's" (Mama, two R's)

"Luh, letta H!" (Look, letter H!)

And of course he can read, too! (not exactly, but he knows some words)

For instance: "J - O - H - N - D- E - E - R - E. John Deere!"


Witt (22 months)

My favorite new word is "Hi Dee". Which I honestly first thought was a version of "howdy" but then he hid behind his hands and we realized he was HIDING!

Dun Noe - Thank you (This is my second favorite new word! I wish I could bottle the sounds of these sweet interpretations!)



Trak - tractor

Gra - Gran

Prangle - Pretzel, Popsicle, or Pickle... they all sound the same!

Cook - cookie

Pay - pear

Bay - berry

Nie - Good night

Nay - Nathan

Woe - Will

Kuh - color

Tee - t.v.

Koo Koo - Blue's Clues (with hand motions!)

Tur Tur - Turn

signs: shoe, boots, strawberry, pear, banana, help, no

knows: hair, eyes, belly button, ears, mouth, tongue, teeth, feet, toes, hands... and the funniest one is that he recently found his nipples! LOL! He calls them "buttons" (well, some version of the word anyway!)

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

Hi Dee. That is so cute! I can "hear" it in that little baby voice. (though I have never heard your little baby's voice....)

Now where on earth would he get that the leaves are good for dirt? Kids crack me up!