Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny got a little creative with the baskets this year at our house. He gave the boys big white pails instead. I told Will that I had a talk with the EB the morning he hid their "baskets" and that the buckets were for the boys to use when we harvest our garden this year. Of course they can play with them, too! :)




Mr. EB hid the pails in fairly easy spots this year, but he's going to have to do better next year with Will's as he found it almost immediately!

Going through his loot (a sketch pad, a new straw cup, gardening gloves and tools):

The magnifying glass was a HIT!!! He went around the house inspecting lots of different things!

Nathan woke up with, "Too bright! Too bright!"

"Where's the bucket with your name on it, Nathan?"

Nathan points,"O dare" (over there)

He liked the magnifying glass, too!

Smiling with his dairy-free Happy Easter sucker from The Chocolate Emporium.

Inspecting the dairy-free chocolate bunny, too!

And the crayons...

Then Little Bit Witt woke up in a whiny mood.

After I got him out of bed, there was a phone call. When I answered the phone, the caller replied, "Knock Knock. Let me in." It was Jeff with a surprise visit for the day!!!

Then we showed Witt his bucket.

The bubbles came out first.

And then of course a little magnifying glass for him, too!

And the sucker had to be opened and eaten. :)

The boys have been sick lately, so they didn't go to worship services. Above are their "Easter portraits" in their pjs. :) Jeff enjoyed the morning with the boys and I went to teach Bible class and enjoy a peaceful worship by myself. We enjoyed the rest of the day together!

Hope you all had a Happy Easter, too!

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Allison said...

I love the buckets, what a great idea and you can use those all year round!! Great idea!!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

love the buckets. LOVE the picture of witt waking up, hilarious! i'm THAT person in OUR family...not a morning person. i think i've missed the whole story on what your DH is doing these days? not home? i need to go back and read...

Super B's Mom said...

Oh these pictures are PRECIOUS!!! Love sweet little man in his crib - God love that sleepy face!! The buckets were a great idea - you rock. And Jeff coming home must have been such a great surprise!!!!

You're such a great mom!