Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I have been BLESSED!

Let's start by saying this will not be your average post... this is the other half of who you know now. I know her as my "Miss Becky"! I can't imagine what life would be without her... I don't even want to try:). So as she lays sleeping I thought I would squeeze in as much about how God brought us together... Hang on for this whirl wind... these are only the highlights!

It starts with one guy that I knew only as an acquaintance growing up. He's one of the smartest guys I know... and I know a lot of them! He got sick and failed a test that would allow him into air traffic controller training... only by 3 points. He became a facilitator for a satellite course during my senior year. He became my BF and convinced me to "just look" at AUBURN for my choose in colleges... though I was a HUGE Alabama fan (Arch Rivals).

At the Alabama campus during my Engineering Day visit I got lost and needed directions. I saw a group of guys and girls (about 7 of them) that were walking towards me... Great! I'll ask them! They saw me... and ignored me... Went across the street to avoid me... All of them! Not a good impression. :(

At the Auburn Engineering Day... same story but... the guy I flagged down? He stopped looked at his watch and said, "I was going to be a little late anyway...". He then walked me ACROSS CAMPUS to the appropriate place and the whole time talked to me about how Auburn was an AUsome place to be. :) So I choose Auburn...

I got sick the day of the day of the ACT testing... but made the grade just barely enough to be able to get in... good enough for me!!!!

While at Auburn my now best friend... the HS facilitator from above... his girl friend (and now wife) wanted to fix me up with her best friend from HS. This girl had just broken up with her HS sweetheart and had never dated anyone else... "Great I'll go!!!" So I went home to meet her and we had a great couple date... and I met her brother Thomas. Thomas was an Auburn coop with Champion Papers... and was getting ready for coop day the next week. One of the first things he said to me was, "Hey you should sign up!".

So now I went to the Coop Adviser who said, "You are not a minority and you are not a female... you will NOT get a job." But I signed up anyway. Champion was one of three places that I signed up.

At the Champion booth was a man named Scott as Thomas was in class. We had a pleasant conversation. He said, "If you are really interested then go talk to our current coop, Thomas. He is a student here at Auburn." Yep... this was my fixed-up date's brother who I already knew... so I went by to talk! I was the only one to go by and see Thomas so I got the job... or should I say "God delivered the job to me!!!"

BTW. One week later the girl I dated broke up with me and went back to her high school sweetheart... they are now married! I am the ONLY other guy she ever dated besides her now husband!!!!

Long story short... I got the coop job and then was offered a full time job after college!! Yeah!!

I dated many girls shortly before and shortly after graduating from Auburn... so many my mom told me, "I can't stand meeting all these girls. I get attached and then you break up with them. It breaks my heart! So don't bring any more girls around unless you know she's the one!" Oh the pressure!! :) But I agreed... I was tired of dating anyway.

I prayed about it... HARD! This was probably the longest prayer of my life. Hours. I prayed for my future wife... That she would be a great mom to my kids... That she would challenge me... That she would be very smart... That she would be attractive me MY WHOLE LIFE... That I would NEVER even THINK that she would cheat on me... That she would be a christian companion... That we would grow together spiritually... And, if possible, I would like her to look like similar to Sandra Bullock... (LOL! Yeap, I really did pray that!!!)... That she would age very well!... (Yeap that too!)... But most of all that she would be MY BEST FRIEND!!... And so much more... (remember... hours!)

Two weeks later, I was assigned my first task as a full time employee. And I was given a coop to work with me... MY MISS BECKY!!! She was HOT!!!!! She said she didn't know anyone in town... so I jumped, "I'll show you around town!!!";)

Within the first week she said, "Many of my friends think I look like Sandra Bullock..." I felt like a rock had just hit me!

First Date was AWESOME!!!! I felt like I knew her my whole life!!!

The next week she said, "Most people think my mom is my sister because she looks so young!!!". Another rock hit me as I remembered my prayer... (she ages well!!!). I looked at her with a bewildered look and said, "Don't be surprised if I ask you to marry me!!''... That's right only knew her for a little over one week!!!! Shortly after that I knew I had never loved anyone this way before... I couldn't see my life without her in it... AT ALL!!!!

She met my mom the next week!!! :)

Two years later I did ask her to marry me... in one of our favorite places to ride my four-wheeler... our cow pasture!!! SHE SAID YES!!! One year later we were married!!!

I will say that even now, years later, she'll do something that reminds me of the prayer I prayed... She has been the fulfillment of it "To a Tee"!!!

I am not much on listening to the radio... I will drive hours in the silence... (we have three boys... silence is a luxury!!) However, I have been traveling a lot lately and I finally turned on the radio two days ago... this song came on shortly after turning it on... I cried... because it is exactly what I was thinking the day before... And THEN.

I love you Miss Becky!!! I hope you have a great Birthday... You are my whole world!!


Mr. Miss Becky!!!


localnourishment.com said...

Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:"Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all."

Happy Birthday, Blessed Mom!

MommyK said...

OMG, this is one of the sweetest things I've ever read. You are very lucky Becky!

Also, sorry to hear about Witt's excema attack. Hope he is feeling better!

Super B's Mom said...

This is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! You've got me all teary-eyed! You've got one heck of a girl, indeed! :)

Meagan said...

So sweet you and your Becky are truely blessed! God bless you both!