Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Witt (2 years old this past Sunday)

"K" - ok

This is one of those words that I wish I could bottle forever. I need to get it on video somehow. At night when I rock him, he rests on my shoulder sucking his thumb while I sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Then I say, "It's time for bed," and then he pulls his thumb out of his mouth to whisper, "K". SO cute.

Witt is also terrified at the doctor's office. About two visits ago, the nurse talked to him first and said she was going to check his temperature in his ear. Then she finished the statement with, "Ok?" Witt whispered a really shaky, "K" and let her take his temperature without screaming! Then when Dr. P was going to listen to Witt's lungs, he also prepared Witt with, "I'm just gonna take a listen, ok?" Another shaky, "K" from Witt, but no screaming!

I guess I need to get more buy-in from this kid for more peaceful transitions. :)


For time outs, we send our kids to the corner. Standing up, nose in the corner. Witt included. Sometimes he gets into such fits (foot-stomping included) that I think he forgets what he's fussing about. Then I finally just ask him, "Do you need to go stand in the corner?" He nods almost every time! I tell him to go, and he does. Within 10 seconds he's calmer and a much happier child. I think it's hilarious that he thinks he needs to go to the corner! :)

And then he lays his head on me and says, "Sah- E" (sorry)


Mine, shur (share), turn (my turn), gen (again) are all common parts of his vocabulary, too. I guess those words are really important to a third child! :)


Nathan, age 3 1/2

Apparently there are two other little boys at school that say "guys" a lot. Nathan has picked this up:

"Hey guys!", "Come 'ere guys", "Watch guys" :)

Nathan is FINALLY getting to full-fledged sentences.

"Hi, mom and dad."

I asked him what daddy's name was and this was his response was a full sentence!

"Daddy's name is Daddy Jeff." (cute!)

We're still having some obedience problems. He doesn't want to do what he's told to do; he wants to do the telling.

"You bey me" - "You obey me"

He is, however, making an honest attempt at not making "the face" when he's mad. The face is made when he tilts his head down, snarles his eyebrows and looks up as far as his eyes will go. I don't know if that makes any sense, but once you've seen the face, you'd know what I was talking about. :)


Will - age 6 1/2

Although Will talks A LOT, I can't seem to remember anything specifically right now.

Still inquisative about trains. I bought him a book entitled "Yesterday's Trains" and he loving the pictures and having us read it to him.

He has little desire to read on his own, but loves a book read to him. He can read, he just doesn't want to, so I'm trying not to push.

He's starting to show an intrest in dogs. He loves watching Wishbone, and we are currently reading a Wishbone chapter book together. He also asked to watch Hotel for Dogs, which was really cute. He's also asking for a puppy, but I keep telling him that we've got two huge "puppies" in the backyard that need our love. He's taken on the chore of feeding them and seems to enjoy it.

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Scottish Twins said...

Oh my goodness, your boys are adorable.

These posts make me really excited for when my boys are older.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

GREAT shots of the boys!

"K" I love that word. I also love when they whisper at that age...I don't know why but there is something precious about it.

"You obey me" LOL!

Super B's Mom said...

This post is SO precious!!! I love the "K"...so sweet! I just wanna squeeze that sweet baby!

And I love Wishbone! Haven't seen it in ages. When I used to substitute, I would record it and take it with me for the kids to watch. Dan's youngest brother and I would watch it too when he was young. Gosh that was many moons ago.