Monday, June 29, 2009

10 Year Anniversary Trip: Goats on the Roof

One of the first questions I asked some of the locals was if there were any Farmer's Markets around and most suggested the small town Coombs, so we took a drive. There was a block of shops and novelty gifts stores for us to browse through, but the Farmer's Market was really not a typical Farmer's Market. Sure, there was lots of fruits and veggies, but most of them had stickers on them... like you'd find in a grocery store. Disappointing.


There was this great little store called Goats on the Roof. The decorations were fantastic!

Inside was a wonderful assortment of food from all over the world. Plus a fresh pastry counter and a fresh bread counter.

There was also a wide assortment of local cheeses and fresh jerky. There were toys, too! Oh, the wonderful wooden toys! Jeff and I had a blast checking out all the options! We decided on three little pop-guns and huge wooded dice to bring home for the boys. I took this picture to remind me of the cute swords and shields that would be so easy to make!

I just can't explain the assortment of foods, novelties, soaps, etc that this little store had to offer. It was one of my favorite stops on the island.

And then of course, when we walked outside, the goats had come out so I could get a picture!

Yep, honest to goodness Goats on the Roof! :)

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Scottish Twins said...

Oh my goodness. My first thought was "What kind of name is Goats on a Roof?"

There actually were goats on the roof. Too funny!