Sunday, June 28, 2009

10 Year Anniversary Trip: Nannoose Bay

For our 10 year anniversary, we took a trip to Vancouver Island, BC. We stayed in a resort on Nanoose Bay. The tide came and went each day so we decided to take a trip down to the bay to see what we could see. :)

We had a fun days of exploring and saving starfish! These pictures are from two days of playing out in the bay.

Here is a shot from the shoreline; note the log in the front... at the end of the post, you'll see the same log while the tide is back in. (Such a difference!)

Jeff saved about 10 - 15 starfish during our exploration!

(The purple sand dollars are still alive.)

Jeff dug up this huge clam!

And wanted to open it

But that clam wouldn't let him... and neither would I. I told him if he wasn't going to eat it, that he shouldn't open it. Such a party pooper!

We decided that this guy is a red sea anemone with all his little "feelers" retracted.

Jeff saw a huge shell and tried to pick it up, but it didn't easily come up from the sand. That was because there was a HUGE SNAIL still inside!!!

A blue heron having lunch:

And a bald eagle!

And another bald eagle (War Eagle, that is!) {grin}

And the tide back in early in the morning... BEAUTIFUL!

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Scottish Twins said...

Beautiful pictures!

And I agree about the clams :)