Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't judge a book by it's cover

Another wonderful milestone for Will in his journey of growing in God!

Upon arrival to the church building this past Sunday night, Will was asked to lead the youth prayer since the little boy that was scheduled didn't feel comfortable doing it. Without hesitation, he said he would!

So, he got up in front of the entire congregation and led prayer! I could not have been more proud of him!!!! What a brave little man!

The interesting twist to this story is that Jeff had just cut the boys' hair that afternoon. Will lead prayer sportin' a mohawk!

LOL! I was a little worried about what everyone might say, but so far I've heard nothing negative. There have been some questioning looks, but nothing awful, thankfully.

Will loves the mohawk! I don't know how long he'll keep it, but for now it's just fun!

Not only am I proud of Will for doing such an outstanding job on a spur-of-the-moment prayer request, but I'm proud of the people I worship with - they can obviously look beyond the outward appearance and be accepting of the sweet spirit inside.

It's funny how a change of appearance can alter perceptions sometimes, though, ya know?

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Super B's Mom said...

Don't you worry about a thing. B has rocked the hawk in church many a time. Tell Will to keep on rockin'! You're such a cool Mom!

I got all teary-eyed thinking of how proud you must have felt during that prayer. Keep up the good work, honey.

Scottish Twins said...

I love the haircut.

I can't imagine how that must have felt to see your little man up there leading the prayer! You're doing something right momma!

mom24 said...

We had Jason in a mohawk last year (I haven't been good at maintaining it) and he loved it. I love that it's such an easy way for a boy to do something different with his hair! J likes to use gel to hold it up a bit on Sundays!
What a blessing to see the spiritual growth in your child! Hope it encourages you!

Leslie said...

What a wonderful little boy you have! Isn't it wonderful to see the Godly men inside our little boys?! And, it too is wonderful when we can look past the outside. Jesus never judged by appearances :) And, besides, he looks quite cool ;)

Blessings beloved~

Nowheymama said...

Not to make this all about me, but I appreciate hearing these positive stories. It helps me remember why we just left our church to go to a new one that is better for our children.