Thursday, June 11, 2009

Witt's First REAL Haircut

Although Witt has had a little trim before, I think I'd have to consider this a first REAL haircut.

He is my only child that had this long fine baby hair with curls and I wanted to leave it until he was 2. Well, now he's 2. :(

Jeff put the clippers to work that day and did all boys' hair. We saved Witt for last. He was terrified of the vacuum cleaner noise. Jeff keeps the vacuum going while he's cutting so there is very little clean-up. It works really well.

However, with this type of screaming going on, we opted not to use the vacuum with Witt even though he had the most hair:

The first thing I did was pull the hair from the crown of his head up into a ponytail and Jeff snipped it off.

Oh, he was MAD!!

"Back! Back! Hair! Back! Mine!"

I gave him a piece of red licorice and pulled him up on my lap. Will took the following "during" pictures for us.

(Yes, he's always got those boots on!)

Look at all the hair! It broke the chainsaw! LOL!

He's not a baby anymore! WHAAAAAAAA!

If you click on this picture, you can see his "whiskers". :)

I was so sad to see my baby disappear in a matter of minutes. First haircuts really didn't bother me with the other boys; I guess it's that third child that makes a difference... knowing he's our last.

It was also interesting that some of the things I considered "cute" just the day before became little boy stinker-ness. It's hard to explain, but that long, fine, hair with curls was part of his personality and he got away with a lot just because he was so darn cute!

Now he's a little boy. No more fine baby hair; he's got coarse hair now. And to be able to see the way his hair grows in different directions is amazing. He's probably gonna have trouble with cowlicks! We will most likely not cut his hair this short again, but it will be great for the summer.

Oh, and that sprig of hair in the rubber band? Don't show it to him... he'll get mad again! (ask me how I know. LOL!)

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Nowheymama said...

Oh, poor buddy!

Amy said...

Oh my! But he's so cute!!

Scottish Twins said...

So adorable!

I totally get what you are saying about losing the "cuteness". The first time we buzzed Gabe's hair I cried for a day afterwards - he just didn't look like a baby anymore to me. And it's like magically I started expecting more of him.