Thursday, August 20, 2009

Homeschooling: Days 5 - 8 (If You Give a Fox an Orange)

Highlights from week 2 of homeschooling:

We continued our unit study on the Community. This week's discussion was on Goods and Services. I tried several different ways of explaining the two, but it took Will a little while to grasp the difference until I finally compared it to something he knows... trains! :)

Specifically, Goods Trains!

What goes in goods trains? Goods! Instead of asking the question, "Is such-n-such a good or a service?", I asked, "Can you put such-n-such in a goods train?" Then based on whether his answer was yes or no, he could figure it out! By the end of the day he was easily able to discern between goods and services without the train "middle man". So proud of him! :)

We also read If You Give a Pig a Pancake and then re-read it determining the goods and services throughout the story. He made up his own story based on the same type of "If... then" in the book. After he told me his story, he askedtomake it into a book. Well, certainly!

I grabbed a few pieces of paper, a pronged folder and the three hold punch. He was thrilled to receive it and asked if he could illustrate the cover, too (he wanted to write on the folder). Absolutely! It's yours, buddy!

So without further ado.... here is the first edition, highly exclusive, If You Give a Fox an Orange, written and illustrated by Will, age 6 (almost 7).

If you give a fox an orange,

then he's going to want to make orange juice.

He'll probably ask you to get him an ice cube to go in it.

Then he'll get all sticky and need a bath.

Then he'll ask you for a towel to dry off with.

Then he'll be so thirsty he'll finish drinking his orange juice.

The End.

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laurel said...

So sweet!! Riveting story, Will!! Good job! :)

Scottish Twins said...

Wonderful story, Will!