Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tiny Talk in the Country

Putting kids in a new environment, sure does provoke some great Tiny Talk! Here are some of the things I heard the first week in our new house, just on the outskirts of the country:

Our new yard is huge and filled with beautiful green grass, Nathan (almost 4) stepped outside the first morning and asked, "Where's sandbox?!?" It wasn't even 10 minutes later than Will (almost 7) comes inside and declares, "There's nowhere to dig!" Those poor boys didn't know how to play in the grass! LOL! However, they have since figured out new things to do and get into:

Nathan came to me after playing trains with Will and said, "Need something to watch." I told him to go outside and watch the dump trucks, as I was determined to keep the tv off. He happily obliged and got a really good show as road work was being done and the dump trucks congregated on our street.

Here's a view from the front of our yard. I think I counted 12 dump trucks that day. Those boys were in heaven! LOL!

I also heard this cute little question from Nathan that day, "Papaw ride me on that?"

Another day, Witt informed me that he heard something... "Cow! Cow! Cow!" Sure enough, there was a cow down the road mooing! Loved it!

Witt (27 months) also picked up the phrase, "Right back!" for "I'll be right back" and he's stopped saying "Dun No" (Thank you) and replaced it with, "Danz" (Thanks!) He's the best little Yes ma'am-er you ever heard, too!

Me: Will, do you want a pancake?

Will: YES! I'm banished!!! (famished)

Nathan rubbing his hand on my leg, "What these shaaap dings?" (What are these sharp things?)

Me, laughing: Hair.

Finally, the kicker for the week came from Will. I had made chili one night and asked him the next day if he wanted me to heat it up for him for lunch. Realizing that we don't have a microwave in this new house, he asked, "How do you heat up chili without a microwave?" I told him we'd do it the "old-fashioned" way!

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Scottish Twins said...

lol at the "sharp things"!!!

Gabe would be in heaven with all of those dump trucks. Your boys have to be loving it!

Super B's Mom said...

LOL!! Ahhhhh no microwave!! That would be a crisis at my house...

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOVE it. Please tell me you were asking about pancakes for dinner! *wink

Love the grass...beautiful yard for boys to run.