Friday, September 4, 2009

CooCoo for Coconuts!

Last week, we read Swiss Family Robinson. Lots of talk of coconuts in the book! On my way to the grocery store, Will asked if I would get a coconut while I was there. I thought that was a great idea and picked one up.

Jeff was out of town and I wanted this to be a "family experience" {grin}, so the boys had to wait two whole days before we opened it. It was shook, smelled, touched, and rolled a countless number of times in those two days! LOL!

Finally, Jeff was home and I'm so glad we waited for his muscle (and antics!)

First, we drained the coconut so it wouldn't make a huge mess when it was opened. All coconuts have three eyes. One of them is softer than the other two and a knife can penetrate it "easily".

After digging the knife around and cleaning it up, we could see some of the meat.

Draining the coconut water:

Now to chop it in two. Jeff started with a butcher knife to chop it open.

But quickly changed to a meat hammer!

And then it broke.

He continued tapping the coconut with the unbroken side and it finally cracked!

First they tasted the coconut water:

And then we tried the raw flesh.

No thanks:

And that was the end of the coconut eating. Will asked me what I thought it tasted like and my answer was, "Suntan lotion." LOL!

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Scottish Twins said...

Too funny!

I've never tasted raw coconut and wouldn't know how to open it. Thanks for the tips. I may try it on a Tryday!

laurel said...

OK, SO WEIRD...a couple of months ago, my kids watched Swiss Family Robinson and asked me to buy a coconut too!! We did, I almost NEVER got it open, and they didn't like it either. How strange is that?!!

Mama Belle said...

All that work for nothin'.

Deborah said...

Processed coconut tastes so much better....