Sunday, September 27, 2009

Go Flip a Rock: Results

So, we're a little late on the Rock Flip Day. We've had rainy day after rainy day after rainy day... However, it was beautiful today so we went out to find a rock to flip in our yard.

Would you believe there wasn't a single rock to flip?! My FIL mows our yard while my hubs is away on business and keeps the yard pretty immaculate. I had to find something to flip with the boys, though!

There is a small rose garden in the back yard with some sort of wooden siding that had fallen over. I thought that after all that rain there would be something exciting under it. When we flipped it over, the first thing I saw was some worms. Then Will screams, "ANTS!" Fire ants, to be specific. That was the end of the rock flipping and the end of playing in that part of the yard.

I doubt you can really see the ants or the worms in the picture, but we flipped it and had an experience doing it none-the-less.

Maybe next year we'll go out to the in-laws farm and see what we can flip. (No cow tippin', I promise!) :)

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