Friday, September 18, 2009

Homeschooling Days 24 - 27: Sickness

We took Monday off in celebration of Will's 7th birthday, Sept 12. It's a good thing I already had that day scheduled as an off day because Nathan got strep throat and Witt had croup over the weekend and the first part of the week. Then I got worn down, too. Luckily, Will never got terribly sick.

Math almost came to a hault this week; luckily we were discussing the (easy to Will) topic of evens & odds and counting by 2s. Most of our math so far has been review as far as concepts go, but I'm really taking the time to go over them completely as well as give a firm foundation for using the abacus. (He already knew how to count by 2s before kindergarten.)

Will was able to do some of his phonics, spelling words and handwriting. Will also wrote a letter to "Aunt" Deborah in Georgia and we did the Feathers Unplugged Project.

Later in the week we read the book The Little House and discussed how communities and seasons change over time.

Will also took his first karate lesson this week! (Pictures to come...)

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