Monday, September 7, 2009

Unplugged Project: OCEAN

YAY! We finally got around to another Unplugged Project! It's been forever since our last one!!

This week's project is entitled Ocean. If you aren't familiar with unplugged projects, let me tell you one of my favorite parts... it can be absolutely anything related to the topic. You and your kids decided which direction to go with the topic. It's really so much fun!

Since Will had so much fun making a book from a folder and white paper, I thought we'd make a book with a cover and let him do the binding of the pages himself.

First, we read through Explore and Learn the Natural World.
Note: We purchased these books for a door-to-door seller (college age). I highly recommend these books! They are fantastic!

Anyway, we read through the ocean part of the book: discussing vertebrates and invertebrates, under the water life, shoreline life, what they eat, etc. Will really enjoyed talking about the different animals!

Then we started making his book. I explained how he'd need to draw the pictures since the folded white paper in half and that we'd bind it and put cardstock paper on for the cover.

Once he drew all his pictures, he chose green thread for the binding and I showed him where to sew the papers together. It was a little slow going at first, but he eventually got the hang of it and did a fine job!

So without further ado... here is Will's book about the Ocean. Ummmm... I mean the Aquarium (I'll tell you why he chose that title instead in a minute...)

A blue whale; the largest animal.

Me: If you came across a blue whale would it want to eat you?

Will: No. It eats tiny, little shrimp-like animals.

An eel: (Ewww!)

Me: Is this a turtle or a tortoise?

Will: A turtle!
Me: Well, how would I know?
Will: Because it is swimming under water and tortoises live on land!

A giant squid! (Note the good sewing job in green down the center!)

Will: Does my ray look like a badger to you?

Me, laughing: Well, yes, I suppose it does.
Will: I drew it like that because his stinger was removed... like at the AQUARIUM. :)
I colored it blue because blue is close to gray and I didn't have a gray.

(He made me draw the shark... don't laugh too hard!)

A lone jelly fish to end the book.

After we finished the book, we looked through pictures from our 10 Year Anniversary trip and let the boys play with the shells that we brought home with us.

Glad to be back doing the Unplugged Projects! Check out the other Ocean projects HERE and join us next week for "Sound".... there is plenty of noise around my house, this should be fairly easy! LOL!

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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Looks like you son really put a lot of work into his book - what a great project!

Scottish Twins said...

He did a great job on the book!

Mom Unplugged said...

Wonderful work on the book! The drawings are really great, as is the sewing (plus, I think your shark is quite realistic!). Welcome back to the Unplugged Project! PS. I hope the move is going OK.

Dawn said...

Nice project. I looks like he worked hard on his book.

So Smrt said...

The commentary is great. And the shark is lovely. :)

Michelle said...

What a great book!!!

Deborah said...

What a nice job he did on this book!!!! Way to go!!!!

Erica said...

He did excellent on his book :) Great study.

BTW, we purchased that same set of books years ago under the same exact circumstances. Love them!