Thursday, October 22, 2009

Boys in the Bedroom

I spent Tuesday afternoon rearranging the boys' bedrooms in hopes of quenching Witt's separation anxiety. We now have one bedroom (literally only beds)

and one playroom. Sorry I didn't bother cleaning before I took the pictures... I'm sure you understand. :)

The first night, it took at least an extra 30 minutes to get them all settled for bed. Wittman cried and cried still wanting me to stay in the room with all of them. William continually got in trouble for talking and Nathan just kept a bewildered face, not really understanding what all the commotion was about.

FINALLY, Witt accepted the fact that I was going and his brothers were staying. They all slept through the night!

The next morning, I woke to hear Will and Witt talking (at 5:56 am!). I went in there and they were both on Wittman's bed playing with stuffed animals. I motioned for them to come out so Nathan could continue to sleep. (They are usually up around 6:20 am, so it really wasn't that much earlier than usual.)

The nap time transition was much better than the night before. I usually only require Will to lay on the couch for some quiet time while the other boys nap, but since they were up late AND up early PLUS we had bible study that night, I wanted Will to take a nap, too. So, after a story and about 30 minutes of them settling down (plus a few swats on the hiney for getting out of bed), they finally all took a nap. A full nap, too!

Last night was even better. No crying and only once did I have to go in there to tell Wittman to quiet down. Again, they all slept through the night!

Wittman woke a little after six, with Nathan not far behind. Surprisingly my early bird, Will, stayed in bed until 7:00!

So far, combining bedrooms has worked wonders! I am SO THANKFUL!

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Scottish Twins said...


I'm so jealous of the playroom and your hardwood floors!!!

It's like a slumber party for the boys every night :)

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

I must admit that the floors are not hardwood. It's actually linoleum! They look really nice, though! :)

Janelle said...

I'm so glad this is helping! Our girls love sharing a room now! It took them a few days to calm down about it, be quiet at night, and sleep until the normal time in the morning, too.

Super B's Mom said...

Way to go mom!!!