Friday, October 30, 2009

Oliver's Labels Discount Code!

A couple of weeks (ok... months) ago, I was contacted by Oliver's Labels to review their allergy labels (scroll down when you get there) and to also offer my readers a discount to their store.

Although they only show individual allergy designs, they offered to add more as necessary. I requested NO DAIRY, NO EGG, NO PEANUT with Witt's first and last name on it. And that is exactly what they gave me. Quickly. They have a 24 to 48 hour ship time!

The labels are waterproof! I've had one on Witt's plastic sippy cup for about two months now and it's still there... no fading or tearing off.

They also sent me a large bag tag with the same allergy design. I haven't attached this to a bag, but it came in very handy as a "necklace". Let me explain... We were attending a fellowship meal at my in-laws' church congregation and very few people there know about Witt's food allergies, so I strung a long string through the large tag and tied it around his neck. He happily wore it all day long.

The tag was a good conversation starter, but I realized that although people were noticing the tag and his name, they were not noticing the cute little designs indicating his food allergies. For this purpose, I would prefer to have just had "FOOD ALLERGIES!" written in place of his name (or above it). The designs are just too cute and were getting glanced over as decoration only.

I am really happy with their products and they have held up well for the couple of months we have used them. If you would like to purchase some labels of your own, Oliver's Labels is offering you 10% off! When checking out, just enter the coupon code "OLIVERSFRIENDS".

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Nicole said...

Pretty neat. Did they have all 3 allergies on the same label, or you had to have 3 different stickers. It is nice that they make things like this. Great concept!

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

They put all three allergens on one sticker! Nice!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

We (thankfully) are not having to deal with food allergies, but I will pass this along to a friend with children with allergies.