Thursday, October 1, 2009

stArt: Planes and How They Work

I stumbled across this book (along with the books on Ships, Trains, and Cars) at Books.A.Million on their reduced table and immediately fell in love with them. They were the answer to a long search for age appropriate books that explain how big machines work.

Will, age 7, has loved trains since we was 2. Not only does he play with his train tracks daily, he talks of boilers, domes, pistons and the like. These books are perfect for broadening his horizons to other machines while giving the younger boys an inside look into them as well.

These are flap books and pull-out books at the same time. Not all pages have flaps, but all pages have the side pull-out that goes into more detail about what is inside the machine. Above is a sample from the Plane book. (You should be able to click on the image to make it larger.) This page discusses the wings and tails. The pull-out page discusses what material the tail is made of and goes into a little more detail about the rudder and elevators. I love that these books use the real-life names for the parts, too.

Now for the ART PART!

Will constructed the following planes on his own without help or prompting from me. I just happen to have the camera nearby and was pleased to see that our first stART project in action!

I was informed that the first two are bi-planes and that the final is a jet that has the engines in the rear.

I was also informed that Witt (2 years old) was flying his jet backwards... the round blue pieces are the engines that should be in the rear. :)

For more StART participants, click HERE.

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Trudie said...

There projects are awesome! Well done!

Susana said...

Too cute!! Thanks for the book title too. We love transportation:-).

growing and learning by leaps and bounds said...

great planes love those bristle blocks!

Michelle said...

What a great project. I want to get those blocks for Emily, they are great for creating. Thank you foe linking up!

Raising a Happy Child said...

It's fun when the kids create something completely spontaneously. Those planes (and the blocks that were used to make them) look awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca said...

That book looks so cool!

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

The projects are adorable! Cool blocks too. My daughter might like it as well. Sometimes she takes a break from being a full-time dress-up outfit wearing princess.

Scottish Twins said...

Great project!