Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't Talk Backwards

I've been trying to get a Tiny Talk Tuesday post up for awhile. Seems like there have been tons lately where Jeff and I have said, "That needs to go on the blog!" Unfortunately, I just haven't stayed on top of it and I know there are some cute little sayings that will be gone forever. :(

Nathan, almost 4, comes shaking his index at me, "You no talk backwards to me!" (Don't back-talk me)

Another day I had a bandage on my finger and he asked, "Mama, you got band-aid?"

Me: Yes, I cut my finger with a knife.

Nathan, paused and then shook that finger at me: "You tell you-self you sorry!"


Will (age 7), has had some laugh-out-loud misinterpretations lately, but for the life of me can't think of any! :(

However, I could easily sum up most of his brain activity with, "Can I tell a story?" He asks this at least once every day!


Witt, 2 years old, is now talking up a storm and has some cute ways of saying things:

T? for "Can I watch tv?"

He confuses "put it in the trash" and "put it in the sink" - so I've found utensils in my trash and banana peels in my sink! Bleck.

He does not refer to me as mama, mom, mother, or mommy. I am now just "Ma".

"Tanx, Ma." "Help, Ma." "No, Ma." or the really adamant, "No, Ma, No." I hear that last one a lot because:

"Me doo-et" - "I want to do it"

After Halloween, he started adding the "dy" to the end of "Can-dy" and "Dad-dy".

He's also picked up the phrase, "Awwww.... Man!"

The best from him, came a few nights ago while we were praying before bed. He likes to have his turn, too. Jeff will start the prayer and Witt copies him:

Jeff: Dear God,

Witt: God

Jeff: Thank you for the trees

Witt: Trees

Jeff: Thank you for my family

Witt: Fam

Jeff: Thank you for our house

Witt: How

Jeff: Please keep us safe

Witt: Say

Jeff: Please help the boys to be quiet

Witt: -

Jeff repeats: Please help the boys to be quiet

Witt looks at Jeff: -

Jeff looks at Witt and repeats: Quiet

Witt continues to look at Jeff.

Jeff, still looking at Witt and me starting to giggle: Quiet

Witt: No.

Jeff, holding in laughter: In Jesus name, Amen.

Witt: A-meh.

(**I'm still laughing as I type this. I equated it to a bride getting married and not expecting the word "obey" to show up in the wedding vows! LOL!**)

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Scottish Twins said...

LOL at talking backwards.

And the prayer is too cute!!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

the prayer is cute and hilarious. graham is 2 and saying a lot of the things witt is. he just added the end of mommy and daddy. he says "oh man" too...from swiper on the dora cartoon. also, "me do".

on another note, someone told me about vitacost.com for coconut oil. have you heard of them?