Monday, December 14, 2009

Coupon Winners and Q&A gave the following numbers: 1, 3, 4, and 5. Congrats to Chef Penny, Cara (x2), and Asian Jamaican! Please email your mailing address to missbecky75(at)yahoo(dot)com before Wed @ 7:oo PM CST.

On to the questions! :)


Chef Penny said...

What? No comments yet?? hey, does that count as my question? Just kidding!

How do you manage to turn the tv off all the time?

Honestly, we have such a struggle with this one. There are times when we do so well and other times (like lately) where I have so much going on that I really do use it as a babysitter. Sad, I know. With that said, though, the boys know that when I say turn it off, I mean it and they do it. When we're in our routine well, we don't turn the tv on until after naps (around 3:00 PM).

Chef Penny said...

Is your whole family dairy free or just Witt?

Our whole family is dairy free when Witt is around. Our house is a "safe zone" for him. I would say that 97% of the time there is no dairy in the house. That 3% is the chocolate stash that Jeff and I have hidden in our bedroom every once in a while and the cream cheese for Jeff's bagels that are locked inside a Tupperware container on the back of the top shelf in the fridge. :)
If I'm out with the other two boys, we will stop for ice cream or pizza or something like that. We are very careful to wash hands and sometimes even change clothes if necessary when we have special treats like that.

I cream my coffee with soy or coconut milk creamers. If I have bagels, I use Tofutti cream cheese (Jeff will take his bagel to go, as I stay in the house with my food). Those of us that will eat yogurt enjoy coconut milk yogurt. The only "cheese" in the house is soy cheese.

So for the most part, we are all dairy free, yes. :)
Cara said...

Ooo I could use just one coupon. We are trying tree nuts soon. How does it taste? He drinks soy milk now.

I answered a similar question the last time I gave coupons away. Here is my copy-n-paste answer:
I like it's taste and texture. I like the way it cooks, too. It doesn't have that strong twang soy does. To me, the initial taste (of the original) is somewhat plain (kinda like cow's milk... nothing exciting) which is followed by an aftertaste of almond. If you don't like almonds you probably won't like the almond milk.
Cara said...

Which would be better, Almond Milk or Nutrella for a food trial?

Do you mean Nutella, the nut spread? From what I can find, Nutrella is a soy based something-or-other. If you do mean Nutella, then my next question is, is your child allergic to milk? There is milk in Nutella.

If you don't have a problem with milk and are just testing almonds (which are tree nuts and not related to a peanut allergy as I see your child does have based on your blog title {grin}) then personally I would choose the product that has almonds listed further down in the ingredient list so he's not getting a huge dose of them.

Start with a small skin test by rubbing it on his skin. Then if you don't have a reaction, give him some to eat/drink.

Those are my PERSONAL OPINIONS. I am NOT A DOCTOR. The best suggestion I can give would be to do a supervised test at the doctor's office.
Asian Jamaican said...

I am supposed to ask a question. I haven't seen the gallons of almond milk. Where can you buy these?

I've never seen a gallon of almond milk. The coupons are for half-gallons and that's the largest I've seen. I get mine at Publix or Kroger (About $3.29 - $3.59 a half gallon). I know Whole Foods also carries this brand for the coupons.

kelli said...

i love almond milk! have you tried making your own? i have and its delish!

ps there's an award for you at my blog! check out my latest post. =)

No, I haven't tried making my own, but I would LOVE to!!! My concern is the calcium. The store bought almond milk already has calcium in it. This is almost the only way I can get calcium into my pickiest son. He doesn't eat any dairy (or dairy substitutes) and no green veggies. Calcium is a big concern for me with him and I haven't had time to do the research on a good calcium supplement yet. Any suggestions?
Do you have your almond milk recipe on your blog? If so, I'd love for you to leave the link in my comments, please!!

Thanks so much for the award, too! How very sweet!! Hopefully I'll be able to pass it along soon!

Thanks everyone for the questions!! If you have more, just let me know!

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