Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Singing Songs

Just a quick minute to jot this down!

Jeff was listening to Will, age 7, sings Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer:

You know Dasher and Dancer,

Prancer and Vixen,

Comet and Cupid,

and daughter of Blitzen...


Witt, age 2 1/2, with his interpretation of Jingle Bells:

Yeah Yah Bell, Yeah Yah Bell

Ah way... HEY!

over and over and over again :)


Believe it not, Nathan, age 4, has been singing, too!

Oh Mac Don-noe had a farm



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Scottish Twins said...

Hehe - and daughter of Blitzen. Santa needs to start hiring some does :)

Meghan said...

Have you ever seen the movie "Olive the other Reindeer?" If not, you should. It's full of this kind of thing!
(get it? All of (Olive) the other reindeer?)

AnnG said...

I love the way the kids interpret the songs that we grew up listening to !!

Asian Jamaican said...

Totally cute!!!