Monday, February 8, 2010

Create Your Own Animal

We've been studying animals and how they are classified. Moving Beyond the Page has done a great job integrating math, social studies, and science into this section, plus they did a fine job integrating some imagination and art along the way! It's been so interesting to see that some of the things I would have left out had I been making the curriculum are the things that interest Will the most!

Here's the information about his animal that he created:

god of the steel gods

insect wit 6 legs

Does it have a thorax?
No, 1 large hard shell on his back, but he can roll up in a ball
It has feelers and eyes.
And a very delicate mouth... that means it could break easily.
It also has a small bug-poisoning tail - for insects, NOT people!


Grasshoppers and other insects that destroy gardens (oh, and crows, too!)


Can you draw me a picture?

I thought I'd add the descriptions so you could get a better understanding for the drawing. :) I think this would be a great little insect to have around when gardening time comes along, don't you? :)

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